Jive Music was founded in 1991 by Hans Salomon, Martin Fuss and Rens Newland - three top musicians of Vienna!
The aim of the label and edition is to support especially jazz artists on their way up and to present high quality on CD and music scores!
contact: office@jivemusic.at
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Hi-class Piano quartet
the fine art of sax



new great project of Chico Freeman out now

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a new colour In gypsy jazz
sensitive piano-guitar duos




Riegler & Feldgril "Bass Doublings" € 9

Gradischnig/Adams/Salfellner "We3" € 9


special offers :

Martin Fuss "Change The Rhythm" € 9

Rens Newland "Acoustic Daydreams"€ 9

Fritz Pauer/Ron McCLURE/Matt WILSON:
"New York Meeting"
€ 9
R.Newland & Flip Philipp YACAZU 2 € 9


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Joe Valentin

Uwe Urbanowski