Thiemo Kirberg

Thiemo Kirberg

Thiemo Kirberg is a German jazz guitarist, composer and arranger, he has been living and working in Vienna since 2007.
He stands for a lyrical, empathetic guitar sound, which stylishly and confidently combines the traditions of jazz, swing and Latin with individual, innovative and particularly free elements. After early musical education, several years of teaching the recorder and the cello, until he began a short time later with classical guitar lessons. He felt his special strength very early on: making music free, improvising. After a few detours Thiemo Kirberg ended up composing and improvising. It was only a small step to blues and jazz. Among his early influences include Stan Getz, Sonny Rollins, Ben Webster, but also Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday.
While studying jazz guitar in Cologne (D) and Arnheim (NL), Thiemo Kirberg has already appeared in numerous music projects. The CD "Summer Me" was released in 2002, where Thiemo Kirberg and his jazz trio recorded a tasteful selection of his compositions.
Since then he has been with jazz greats such as Howard Alden, Scott Hamilton, Scott Robinson, Willi Ketzer, Martin Gjakonowski, Renato Chicco, Oliver Kent, Hannes Strasser, Roman Schwaller, Mario Gonzi, Herwig Gradischnig, Uli Langthaler, Joschi and Diknu Schneeberger, Jazz Corner and others. In 2012 a tour and a CD with jazz singer Katrin Weber.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Turning Point

Turning Point
Product ID: CIPA 3034-2

Audiosamples (click to start & stop):
Friends  I'm a Fool to Want You 
Midnight Blue Groovin' at Tao 
O Grande Amor Vienna Waltz
Two Dreams

This is the second solo album of Jazz guitarrist Thiemo Kirberg. He was born and he studied in Germany, but workes and lives in Vienna, Austria since 2007. 
A great sound and fine compositions as well he offers on these tracks. Good integrated in the Vienna Jazz scene he choose a bunch of great musicians for these recordings: Daniel Nösig on trumpet, Vladimir Kostadinovic on drums, Martin Gjakonovski on bass, Johannes Herrlich on trombone really have great contributions on this CD. 

01. Friends 6:31 02. Walkin' with Renée 5:19 03. I'm a Fool to Want You 4:59 04. Midnight Blue 5:31 05. Groovin' at Tao 5:39 06. O Grande Amor 5:08 07. Seven Come Eleven 3:54 08. Vienna Waltz 6:31 09. Swing No.2 5:43 10. Two Dreams 5:12

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