Jacqueline Hauser

Jacqueline Hauser

Mag. Jacqueline Hauser is a clinical and health psychologist as well as an energy healing scientist, She has been leading relaxation and meditation groups for over 12 years. Her experience, knowledge and practical experience flow into these wonderful relaxation exercises.

Wednesday, 02 October 2019

Zeit für mich (Time for Me)

Zeit für mich (Time for Me)
Product ID: JH-4409-2
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Relaxation Dream Autogenic 
Bodyscan Fantasy Self-healing

Relaxation exercises (German spoken - in deutscher Sprache) for more well-being and harmony - relaxation from the first minute, 2 CDs, progressive muscle relaxation - fantasy trips - autogenic training - mindfulness meditation - self-healing meditation. • The exercises can be used immediately and easily and are suitable for relaxing, regenerating and recharging your batteries during the day or as a sleep aid in the evening
• All relaxation exercises are scientifically based and researched and their effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed
• The body and the psyche come to rest through the use of a special speech technique and the pleasant and gentle voice
• The carefully selected background music supports deep relaxation
• All this together results in a perfect combination of exercises that lead to quick recovery, relaxation for body and mind, more lightness, health and happiness. The double audio CD was produced professionally in the recording studio.
It is suitable for beginners and advanced users and contains 6 different relaxation exercises:
1. PMR - progressive muscle relaxation 2. Fantasy trip dream island 3. Autogenic training 4. Bodyscan - mindfulness meditation on the body 5. Fantasy walk in the forest 6. Self-healing meditation
1. PMR – Progressive Muskelentspannung 2. Fantasiereise Trauminsel 3. Autogenes Training 4. Bodyscan - Bodyscan – Achtsamkeitsmeditation auf den Körper 5. Fantasiereise Waldspaziergang 6. Selbstheilungsmeditation

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