Susan Blake

Susan Blake

Susan Blake is a composer, lyricist, singer and musician born in Hungary, now living in Austria. Already in her youth she was influenced by classical music, church and folk music (six years of piano studies and cantor studies in theology in Debrecen, Hungary), she also felt deeply rooted in jazz and pop music; She was the singer of various Hungarian Dixieland formations, with the famous "Benko Dixieland Band" as the highlight.
Appearances abroad and on Hungarian television (including the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest) followed.
True to her motto "It's always about the music", she leads her musical journey to Vienna, where she impresses audiences and critics alike with her unmistakable voice and stage presence in Joe Zawinul's "Birdland", in the show "Viva las Vegas"!
In addition to her compositional activity, she also studied jazz singing at the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna.
At the Austrian Country Awards 2016 she won with the song "Rocking Chair" (best song - composer and lyricist) and 2017 with the song "How could I" (sung by Laura van den Elzen and Mark Hoffmann, DSDS finalists). in the “Song of the Year” category.
Since 2016 she has been the German GRD's dolphin ambassador for the rescue of dolphins in Taiji, Japan and garnered worldwide attention with the single edition "Your Tears are mine", which arose from a collaboration with the Austrian bass legend and the Viennese dialect singer-songwriter Edi Mayr.
Her current Dixie pop music project, a collaboration with the Miskolc Dixieland Band and Varga Tibor (formerly Lucky Boys Sax.), again reflects her fiery temperament! 


Thursday, 04 February 2021

Love Won't Wait

Love Won't Wait
Product ID: CIPA-3036-2
Audiosamples (click to start & stop):

Jerry Lee  Gugigugigugugugu Take Me 
One Man Show (radio edit) Jazz-Zenész
Love Won´t Wait (feat. Susan Blake on Trombone)
Minden Jó Shut Up! I´m Not In Love With You 
Have You Seen Mr Green? I Say Thank You

All the songs on this album are written by Susan Blake (words & music)! She did lots of touring with Dixieland bands - especially some from Hungary - ever since she left schools. One of these bands is the MISKOLC DIXIELAND BAND, which is the fine backing group on this record. As a composer Susan Blake is quite succesful: in the last years, while doing some more country stuff as a singer, in two following years she won prizes for the best song - composer and lyricist - at the Austrian Country Awards! Here on these recordings she came back to her Dixie roots, but in a delicate mix with Mainstream Jazz, Pop and Country influences. The songs sound positve and light, as if you already know them, the lyrics are with a lot of humour, about love and life. There is also a lot of room for the bands soloists and on the title track Miss Blake takes a solo on the trombone, one of her additionnal instruments.

1. Jerry Lee  2. All These Little Things   3. Take Me  4. Minden Jó  5. Love Won´t Wait (feat. Susan Blake on Trombone) 6. Shut Up! I´m Not In Love With You  7. Gugigugigugugugu 8. Have You Seen Mr Green?  9. One Man Show  10. Jazz-Zenész  11. Why Should You Not Love Me?  12. Let Make It Happen  13. I Say Thank You 14. One Man Show (radio edit)

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