Roland Stonek
Wednesday, 07 January 2015 23:00

Elegant Dualism

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Soundtrack to my life From Dneper to Danube 

Turnstone European Peace

Myroslav Levytsky(p) and Rens Newland(g), both great personalities on their instruments, came together the first time in 2001. In the following years a cooperation developed itself between Braty Bluzu (the band of Myroslav and his brother Oleg) and Rens Newland. Myroslav has classical and eastern roots, Rens has Blues, Rock and Jazz, so western roots. This is the very interesting and sensitive meeting of these two worlds!

01. Soundtrack to my life 02. From Dneper to Danube 03. Orange Evolution 04. Dutch Daydream 05. Turnstone 06. European Peace 07. Vienna Woods (Fragment)

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Tuesday, 04 January 2011 23:00

The City That Never Sleeps

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Shakespeare With You Rock Jazz

This very special group is based in Ukrain, with former stations in USA and Germany, links to Austria (f.e. the home of the featured guitar player Rens Newland). Canada and Holland. Composer/pianoplayer Myroslav and his saxophonist brother Oleg Levytsky are the really congenious core! The music has classical, jazz, fusion and ukrainian folk roots!

 01. Intro 02. Sky Colored Blue Eyes 03. World 04. The City That Never Sleeps 05. Jazz-Ballet On Themes of Short Stories by William Shakespeare 06. Vienna Woods 07. Father and Son 08. With You 09. Two Evenings With Love 10. Lost In the Forest 11. Rock-Jazz 

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