Raklo Weinrich
Sunday, 17 February 2019 10:42

Turning Point

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Friends  I'm a Fool to Want You Midnight Blue
Groovin' at Tao O Grande Amor Vienna Waltz
Two Dreams

This is the second solo album of Jazz guitarrist Thiemo Kirberg. He was born and he studied in Germany, but workes and lives in Vienna, Austria since 2007. 
A great sound and fine compositions as well he offers on these tracks. Good integrated in the Vienna Jazz scene he choose a bunch of great musicians for these recordings: Daniel Nösig on trumpet, Vladimir Kostadinovic on drums, Martin Gjakonovski on bass, Johannes Herrlich on trombone really have great contributions on this CD. 

01. Friends 6:31 02. Walkin' with Renée 5:19 03. I'm a Fool to Want You 4:59 04. Midnight Blue 5:31 05. Groovin' at Tao 5:39 06. O Grande Amor 5:08 07. Seven Come Eleven 3:54 08. Vienna Waltz 6:31 09. Swing No.2 5:43 10. Two Dreams 5:12

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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 16:45

In Good Company

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Fine and Dandy Senior Silver In Good Company 
Rennweg Viertel Samba dal Mugello 
Waltz for Flori Are you Serious

The Dreyfuss Affaire  -  Die Affäre Dreyfuss

One thing is premised, this excellent band has nothing to do with the infamous "Dreyfus Affair" – which is all about murder and espionage.

This band is all about groovy & swinging entertainment at the highest level and the number Drey (3/three)! We welcome drey horn players in the frontline and drey musicians in the rhythm section, drey young gentlemen (Dominik Fuss tp, Florian Fuss sax, Max Tschida p) and drey old champs (Martin Fuss sax, Hans Strasser b, Mario Gonzi dm) and furthermore drey members of the Fuss family. 1 Fine and Dandy 2 Senior Silver 3 In Good Company 4 Rennweg Viertel 5 Samba dal Mugello 6 Waltz for Flori  7 One Man's Dream 8 One Step to Heaven 9 Are you Serious 10 One for ST 11 A Portrait of Jennie 12 Groovin'

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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 16:08

A Sintoation

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A very big sound and a great hard bop melodic material, that are the treasures that Raklo Weinrich presents to us on these recordings. Fine round exclusively original compositions of the bandleader create a very pleasant atmosphere: soft sounding, but enough interesting lines we hear from all the musicians: Martin Wöss on Rhodes, Synth and Grand Piano, Werner Feldgrill on Electric Bass, Wolfi Rainer on Drums, Rainer Gradischnig on Percussion, Herwig Gradischnig on Tenor Sax (on selected titles). Groovy beats from Swing to Funk. A fine Bossa features the lady-singer Jacqueline Patricio.
01 MILES 4:46 02 LOVE AFFAIR 5:26 03 MOGLI 5:25 04 LIVE GOES ON 5:42 05 R.W.GROOVE 4:59 06 UNIVERSE 2:15 07 FOR MY PARENTS 4:20 08 MY SPIRIT 5:02 09 NISA 3:18 10 SINTOATION 7:08

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018 15:28

Listen To your Ears

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2 Blues to Move 3 The Vain Search 
14 This is Souljazz 5 About City Blues 
6 About Light 7 Let's Get Musiphysical
9 Listen to your Ears 10 Bluesbooster 
12 About Tears

A broad spectrum of his composing as well as his playing is showed here of Rens Newland. He choose to double all the melodies with the Tenor Sax of master Herb Berger, because in the several gigs and recordings Rens found out, that the blend is perfect between him and Herb! Also the other fellow musicians, Wolfi Rainer on drums, Andy Mayerl on upright bass and Martin Wöss on piano act very keen and tasty, leaving room for the melodies and improvisations. The Bandleader uses a lot of different electric guitars, from the Jazz Gibson L5 to Fender Tele, even the Line 6 Variax makes wonderful appearences.
The style goes from easy going Groove Jazz and some light Funk to interesting Fusion ballads and Jazz sounds.

01.Renew Intro Tune 0:43 02.Blues to Move 4:22 03.The Vain Search for Easy Solutions 6:09 04.This is Souljazz 5:38 05.About City Blues 5:15 06.About Light 3:48 07.Let's Get Musiphysical 5:26 08.Cue Cumber Sand 5:05 09.Listen to your Ears 7:10 10.Blues Booster 5:36 11.Turboline 5:09 12.About Tears 5:54 13.Venetian Carnival 6:55 14.This is Souljazz - Vocal Edit 5:16 All composed by Rens Newland

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Monday, 31 December 2018 20:36


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Ninu Coquette Appel Indirect 
Frische Minze Danse Norvegienne
Feuerlicht Miri Dai Bodhinko

This 4th album of Diknu Schneeberger marks already the 10th Anniversery of his Trio. He is only in his mid twenties though! His playing is exceptionnel by its clearness, musicality, solidity and virtuosity! Special on these recordings is the fact that for the first time a lot of the great compostions are by the bandleader himself. Also the bass of father Joschi Schneeberger is more featured in sollos than on the previous albums.

01. Abenteuer Erde 5:28 02.Ninu 4:27 03. Miri Dai 3:45 04. Dream of you 3:53 05. Feuerlicht 4:29 06. Coquette 2:57 07. Danse Norvegienne 4:00 08. Frische Minze 2:21
09. Friends 5:16 10. Appel Indirect 2:26 11. Indifference 2:54 12.Bodhinko 5:35 13.Tears & Rumba Sunset 6:40

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Sunday, 31 January 2016 23:00

My Instrument is the Orchestra

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My Instrument is the Orchestra Crazy Concepts from Vienna I remember Hans and Marcus Homecoming Brainwash Airport St. Petersburg The Spirit of Don Ellis Just a Short Idea Think about it!

 „My Instrument is the Orchestra“ is the result of the work over the previous 10 to 15 years. Bandleader, arranger and composer Markus Geiselhart has tried to go new ways with this production – based on tradition in music. So he experimented in the matters of line up, composition and arrangement, but also with the way the production was mixed. It's a great Big Band, featuring soloists like THOMAS KUGI (tenor saxophone), HERWIG GRADISCHNIG (baritone saxophone), MARTIN KOLLER (guitar), HERBERT JOOS (flugelhorn), ROMED HOPFGARTNER (alto saxophone), CLEMENS SALESNY (alto saxophone), MARIO ROM (trumpet), MARIO LACKNER (drums), STEFAN THALER (bass), ALOIS EBERL (trombone), GERMAN MARSTATT (flugelhorn), finding new ways and new combinations using interesting sounds like rock guitars and electronics!

01. My Instrument is the Orchestra 02. Crazy Concepts from Vienna 03. I remember Hans and Marcus 04. Homecoming 05. Brainwash 06. Airport St. Petersburg 07. The Spirit of Don Ellis 08. Just a Short Idea 09. Think about it!

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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 22:00

Live at Porgy & Bess

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1.Bernie’s Tune 02. On Broadway

03. It Was A Very Good Year

04. New York State Of Mind 06. Mr. Bojangles

Subtitle of the album is "25 Very Good Years" and indeed as always JAQ stands for high-quality soulful Jazz with a nice entertaining touch. The songs are repacked in new and special arrangements and the vocal orientated listener as well as the Jazz fan, who wants to hear extended solos, gets what he needs! On these live recordings you'll hear all this loose and fresh!


01. Bernie’s Tune 02. On Broadway 03. It Was A Very Good Year 04. New York State Of Mind 05. Autumn In New York 06. Mr. Bojangles 07. The Shadow Of Your Smile 08. Blue Waltz 09. Can`T Take My Eyes Off You 10. Light My Fire 11. Waltz 4 Charlotte / A Ballad 4 Here 12. Save Your Love 4 Me 13. How Deep Is Your Love 14. The Look Of Love 15. Secret Love