Lucky Thompson & Me
Tuesday, 04 January 2011

Lucky Thompson & Me

Lucky Thompson & Me
Product ID: JM-2065-2
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Tea Time Hadern Evil Eva

In a great live concert, in a great shape, the formidable saxophone (Tenor & Baritone) and flute player presents a Tribute CD to the genious of Lucky Thompson, as well as a Tribute CD to his own 70th Birthday! With Mario Gonzi (d), Uli Langthaler (b) and Erwin Schmidt (p). Gratulations!

CD 1- 01. Fillet of Soul 02. Evil Eva 03. Tea Time 04. Soul Lullabyv05. Moment of Truth 06. Reminiscent 07. Mid-Nite-Oil
CD 2 - 01. Mr. Skimmy 02. Du und I 03. Blues for Harry, Serge, Cecil, Gerry, Pepper ... 04. Thanks 05. Hadern 06. Ground Blues

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