The Blue Side Of Flipper
Thursday, 03 January 2008

The Blue Side Of Flipper

The Blue Side Of Flipper
Product ID: JM-2060-2
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Change the Rhythm Young and Fine Desafinado

Musical interchange, a creative dealing with music and a joint development of themes - Piano Trio as it should be! The pianist thoughtfully strings notes together, the bass player Joschi Schneeberger creates a warm groundwork, drummer Mario Gonzi: pulsating explosiveness to soft impressiveness.

01. change the rhythm 02. desafinado 03. the blue side of flipper 04. sandro & celina 05. dampfwalzer 06. herbie ́s mood 07. limerick 08. the influenze of j.z. 09. i ́ll close my eyes 10. young and fine


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