Affäre Dreyfuss
Affäre Dreyfuss

Affäre Dreyfuss

Affäre Dreyfuss is the unique 2 generation band consisting of Martin Fuss (saxes) plus his 2 sons Dominik (trumpet) and Florian (saxes). The formation was established 2015, the rhythm section: Max Tschida (also one of the young lions)) on Piano plus the highly experienced and congenious Mario Gonzi (drums) and Johannes Strasser (upright bass). Originally the band started out with the repertoire of Horace Silver and Art Blakey....., but at nowadays a big part are original compositions by the three members of the "Fuss Family".

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

In Good Company

In Good Company
Product ID: JM-2091-2
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Fine and Dandy Senior Silver In Good Company 
Rennweg Viertel Samba dal Mugello 
Waltz for Flori Are you Serious

The Dreyfuss Affaire  -  Die Affäre Dreyfuss

One thing is premised, this excellent band has nothing to do with the infamous "Dreyfus Affair" – which is all about murder and espionage.

This band is all about groovy & swinging entertainment at the highest level and the number Drey (3/three)! We welcome drey horn players in the frontline and drey musicians in the rhythm section, drey young gentlemen (Dominik Fuss tp, Florian Fuss sax, Max Tschida p) and drey old champs (Martin Fuss sax, Hans Strasser b, Mario Gonzi dm) and furthermore drey members of the Fuss family. 1 Fine and Dandy 2 Senior Silver 3 In Good Company 4 Rennweg Viertel 5 Samba dal Mugello 6 Waltz for Flori  7 One Man's Dream 8 One Step to Heaven 9 Are you Serious 10 One for ST 11 A Portrait of Jennie 12 Groovin'

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