Josef Burchartz

Josef Burchartz

Josef Burchartz is one of the leading trumpet players of Austria and Europe. He worked and works in countless projects: 

Count Basic, Nina Haagen, Chaka Khan, the Temptations, Pointed Sisters, Beat 4 feet, Christian Kolonovits, Rainhard Fendrich, Willi Resetarits,Marianne Mendt, Wolfgang Ambros, Opus, Stefanie Werger, Mat Schuh, Wilfried, Mo, EAV, Alexander Göbel, Michael Seida, Bilgeri,Starmaniacs, Thomas d.

Big Bands
Vienna Big Band Machine, Vienna Concert Jazz Orchestra, Vienna Art Orchestra, Richard Österreicher Big Band, Broadway Big Band, Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, Teddy Ehrenreich Big Band, Robert Bachner Big Band, Nouvelle Cousine, Marianne Mendt Big Band.

Bruckner Orchester feat. Natalie Cole, Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, Juvavum Brass feat. James Morisson, Camerata Salzburg, Dancing Stars Orchester, ORF Radiosyphonieorchester (RSO), Velvet Elevator, Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra, Percussive Planet, Hot Pants Road Club-Grand Funk Orchestra, Austrian Jazz Composers Orchestra, Superfly Radio Orchestra.

Sunday, 04 January 2009

Every Breath I Take

Every Breath I Take
Product ID: JM-2063-2
Audiosamples (click to start & stop):

L.A. Calling No Samba

Exciting Trumpet Grooves by one of the most gifted Austrian trumpet players. Till now just working as sideman, he comes up with smart and impactful own compositions. With him most of the Count Basic band and a lot more of first class musical guests! (Dirk Erchinger, Willi Langer, Dieter Kolbeck, Martin Fuss, Christian Radovan, Peter Legat, Aaron Wonesch, Erwin Bader, Rens Newland, Shajan Fathi, Harry Ahamer, Werner Wurm, Jon Sass, Iwan Ruiz Machado, Iris Camaa).
01. L.A.Calling 02. Sure Enough 03. No Samba 04. Night Spot 05. No Discount 06. One Of This Lonely Nights 07. Tuesday Morning 08. Chasing Chase 09. Longing For Despair 10. Nu Orleans 11. Joy Spring

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