thomas barth
Thomas Barth

Thomas Barth

Thomas Barth was born in Vienna in 1965. He studied piano and composition in Austria, Denmark and the USA including master classes with Herbie Hancock at the Mozarteum/Salzburg 1987 and with "Weather Report" founder Joe Zawinul at the "Wiener Meisterkurse", Vienna 1992. Studio/ Live collaborations including Beet4Feet, Stray Dog Music, Electric Diamond, Brand Nubian, Deodato and his own projects in Vienna and New York. 2007: Producer (CD) of Giuseppe Verdi's opera "Nabucco", recorded live at the open air- festival in St. Margarethen/Austria.

Friday, 28 December 2001


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Manhattan Suite

He is a dreamer, that makes his dreams come true: A relaxed and tasteful mix of contemporary Jazz and New Age with great features of Mike Stern and Gerald Veasley(b) a.o.!

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