carl drewo
Carl Drewo

Carl Drewo

Carl Drewo, also Karl Drewo (1929-1995) was a leading austrian Jazz saxophonist (Tenor, Alt) - Mainstream and Bebop. Worked in the 1950s with Fatty George his modern Jazz Combo „Two Sounds Band“ (1953 und 1956-1958, with Oscar Klein and Joe Zawinul), the Big Band von Johannes Fehring, with Friedrich Gulda, Horst Winter and (a. 0. with Joe Zawinul, Hans Salomon, Attila Zoller, Rudolf Hansen, Rudi Wilfer, Viktor Plasil) 1954 bis 1957 in den „Austrian All Stars“, 1958 to 1971 Solist in the Orchestra of Kurt Edelhagen. 1959 one of the founders of the Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band in Cologne. Besides that in the Big Bands of Paul Kuhn and Max Greger and with own groups. 1970s in the ORF Big Band under Fehring and Erich Kleinschuster (a. o. with Art Farmer) and 1981 in Peter Herbolzheimers Big Band.

Saturday, 27 December 1997

My Foolish Heart

My Foolish Heart
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in memoriam of one of the greatest European jazz saxophone players. The one and only compilation of his rare solo recordings. (Peter Herbolzheimer, Joe Zawinul, Francis Boland a.o.)

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