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Monday, 07 June 2021 21:24

Free Sound Quintet

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Nicolas de Staël (II)    
Late Indian Summer
Nicolas de Staël (III) 
Opus 2  Nobility  Phoenix 

1970 Hans Koller returned after 20 Years abroad and was looking for young musicians for his avant-garde musical ideas. He found this in the keyboardist Albert Mair, the guitarist Costa Lukacs and the drummer Karl Prosenik.
All three were "at home" in mainstream jazz at the time. The first rehearsals with Hans, Albert and Costa took place in late 1970, early 1971. It showed the genius of Hans Koller as a band leader, how he implemented his musical avant-garde ideas with them. He invited the bassist Adelhard Roidinger to realize his ideas. At that time he was active in avant-garde music, among other things. Adelhard says today: “Hans was a grandmaster for me. Years later I discovered a deep kinship, the commitment to Central European musical culture in the form of freedom in rhythmic design (agogic) and the overabundance of musical events ”. The "Hans Koller Free Sound Quintet" was born. The decisive factor was Koller's respect for his fellow musicians, whose talents he enhanced.
His graphic - artistically unique notation in the form of concise musical ideas without bar lines gave all musicians the greatest possible scope for creativity. After a short time, the five of them were playing music from a single source in the most renowned jazz bars in Germany, in Switzerland, France, Denmark and Austria. One day Hans said: “Let us make a record ”. A college friend of Albert, Guido Bertol, had experience in studio recording and Albert had a Revox A77. Guido - the "Rudy van Gelder" of Vienna - built a makeshift mixer from cheap components. He used the natural reverberation of his cellar for the recordings. And so this - as yet unpublished - honest, strong and rustic document was created, with Hans Koller iat his best. There are other recordings or of the FREE SOUND Quartett, but this one is UNIQUE because of the use of the additionnal guitar, geniusly played by Costa Lukacs!

01. Nicolas de Staël (II) 9:55 02. Late Indian Summer 3:44 03. Nicolas de Staël (III) 6:48 04. Opus 2 9:02 05. Red Nobility 3:38 06. Phoenix 5:16


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Saturday, 05 June 2021 05:27

Waltz for Charlotte

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Blue Waltz Visitation Zulu Zali 
The Masquerade is Over 
Seven Steps to Heaven 
Waltz for Charlotte Del Sasser 
Speak Low Bitter Sweet

This live recording is of one of the last concerts of the international Albert Mair Trio, recorded live, 25 years ago on January 2, 1996 in the original Porgy & Bess Jazz Club in Vienna. The trio was formed In the mid-nineties..its goal: to accompany Joan Cartwright and other singers. Soon thereafter an equal musical frame of mind moved the three musicians, Albert Mair (piano), Marc Abrams (bass) and Andy Winter (drums) to perform solely as a trio. Albert’s preferred formation, a musical dream team. Concerts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland followed. Marc Abrams is a bass player from New York City presently residing in Venice (Italy) who participates in radio and television broadcasts, jazz festivals, concerts and tours in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Greece and of course the USA. He has performed with many well-known American soloists (e.g. Chet Baker, Gil Evans, Steve Grossman, Lee Konitz...) as well as European soloists Kenny Weeler, Karl Berger and Heinz Sauer and the list goes on. He met Albert Mair and Andy Winter in the mid-nineties and formed a trio for the purpose of backing featured singers (see above). In the following years they performed solely as a trio. Andy Winter is a drummer from Vienna, Austria now living in NYC, USA and Berlin, Germany. He received his formal education at the Vienna Conservatory and gave concerts early on with greats of the local scene such as Karl Ratzer, Harry Stojka, Wolfgang Puschnig and others. In 1988 he went to New York to study at the New School and has since worked with jazz musicians such as Larry Goldings, Brad Mehldau, Ron Carter, Mark Whitfield, Peter Bernstein, Scott Colley, Chris Potter, Ben Monder, Donny McCaslin, and others. He and Albert Mair were also sidemen in the Jimmy Woode Trio before they formed the trio formation with Marc Abrams.The Trio is performing loosely, with greatinteraction and lots of space for the soloistic qualities of all three. Fine Standard versions and four originals of the bandleader.

1. Blue Waltz (Albert Mair) 2. The Masquerade is Over (Allie Wrubel, Herb Magidson ) 3. A Ballad For Her (Albert Mair) 4. Bitter Sweet (SamJones) 5. Speak Low (Ogden Nash, Kurt Weill) 6. Del Sasser (Sam Jones) 7. Visitation (Paul Chambers) 8. Zulu Zali (Albert Mair) 9. Seven Steps To Heaven (Miles Davis, Victor Feldman) 10. Waltz For Charlotte (Albert Mair)


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Wednesday, 09 September 2015 22:00

Live at Porgy & Bess

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1.Bernie’s Tune 02. On Broadway

03. It Was A Very Good Year

04. New York State Of Mind 06. Mr. Bojangles

Subtitle of the album is "25 Very Good Years" and indeed as always JAQ stands for high-quality soulful Jazz with a nice entertaining touch. The songs are repacked in new and special arrangements and the vocal orientated listener as well as the Jazz fan, who wants to hear extended solos, gets what he needs! On these live recordings you'll hear all this loose and fresh!


01. Bernie’s Tune 02. On Broadway 03. It Was A Very Good Year 04. New York State Of Mind 05. Autumn In New York 06. Mr. Bojangles 07. The Shadow Of Your Smile 08. Blue Waltz 09. Can`T Take My Eyes Off You 10. Light My Fire 11. Waltz 4 Charlotte / A Ballad 4 Here 12. Save Your Love 4 Me 13. How Deep Is Your Love 14. The Look Of Love 15. Secret Love




Monday, 29 December 2003 23:00


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Wiener Standards

A new swingy sight on the best of the original Vienna Songs by the Albert Mair Trio (JAQ) and friends.
(feat. Richard Österreicher, Paul Fields, Martin Fuss...)

Almost simultaneosly at a time when Musicals and Classic songs were being written in America for the entertainment branch (from George Gerschwin to Cole Porter and many other songwriters who had come from Vienna and made their homes in the US) the classical “Wienerlied” (from Hermann Leopoldi to Robert Stolz) evolved. Both music forms of the highest quality, differing only in their interpretations.The Philharmonics and Jazz musicians in America presented their songs in perfect completion as far as arrangements, harmonics and instrumentation were concerned and therefore the compositions, popular, inextinguishable and ever-present and became “Standards”.
In Vienna, on the other hand, the first-class compositions were mostly performed at Heurigen (Wine bars direct at the wineyards) and in Cafes by more or less qualified “Music Makers”. The songs became renowned but their true quality remained hidden.
What could have been more fitting than to take these rich, equally popular Viennese compositions and interpret them as Standards, “Wiener Standards”.

1. Drunt in Der Lobau 3:39 2. Die Alte Zahnradbahn 4:12 3. I Häng An Meiner Weanerstadt 3:23 4. S‘ Fiakerlied 2:57 5. Der Alte Herr Kanzleirat 4:26 6. Zwa Aus Ottakring 5:16 7. Mei Muatterl War a Wienerin 2:55 8. Grüss Mir Mein Wien 5:58 9. Sechts Leut‘ln So War‘s Anno 30 in Wien 4:51 10. Heut‘ Kommen D‘ Engerln Auf Urlaub Nach Wean 2:53 11. S‘ Nussdorfer Sternderl 4:10 12. Wien, Wien Nur Du Allein 3:48 13. EsSteht EinAlter NussbaumDrausst inHeiligenstadt 3:42 14. IchKenn‘ EinKleinesWegerl ImHelenental 4:58 15. I Hab‘ Die Schönen Maderln Net Erfunden 4:37

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Sunday, 29 December 2002 23:00


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Walk Right In

Another very pleasant record of JAQ with wellknown jazz standards and famous pop songs by Jimmy U and Carole Alston.

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Saturday, 27 June 1998 23:00

Silent Night

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Silent Night

Austrian and international christmas songs, fine arrangements! (Jimi U, Carole Alston, Martin Fuss, Rens Newland, Albert Mair..)

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Saturday, 27 December 1997 23:00

At Last

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How Deep is your Love

The second album of the Jimi U. / Albert Mair Quintet. Excellent party jazz from swing to soul! (with Martin Fuss, Heinz Jäger)

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Monday, 21 November 1994 23:00


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On a clear day

the black vocalist at his best with the well known piano player.

(with Martin Fuss, Heinz Jäger)

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