Dominik Fuss
Dominik Fuss

Dominik Fuss

Dominik Fuss is a jazz artist from Vienna, the capital of classical music. Because he always was a little bit revolutionary, he started playing jazz at an early age. He had the honor to play with lots of different musicians in musically versatile projects and bands (all kinds of jazz (20s – till now) / Balkan/ funk/ orchestral music…) and was able to tour a lot the last years (the Caribbean/ New York City/ London and Istanbul were some of the highlights). About himself Dominik adds: “I love it, when new challenges are appearing and in music there are continuously new ones." Rumpus (the latin word for Fuss=foot) is the young and very inspired really contemporary Jazz quintet around the great and sensible trumpet player Dominik Fuss, who is leading of and composing for the group.


Saturday, 19 November 2016


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Memento Beneath Lantern

Rumpus is the young and very inspired contemporary Jazz quintet around the great and sensible trumpet player Dominik Fuss, who is leader of and composer for the group.The band made several recording sessions over the last years and this album contents the best songs of these dates. The participating musicians (and friends) are: 
Dominik Fuss - trumpet, fluegelhorn, compositions. 
Patrick Dunst - reeds (all titles except Tr.4). 
Martin Gasser - reeds on Tr. 4. 
Marc Mezgolits - bass. 
Thomas Froschauer - drums, 
Max Tschida - piano on Tr 1,5,6,8,10, Stephan Plecher, piano on Tr. 2,3,4,7,9, 
Manuela Diem - vocals on Tr 3

01. Intrada 02. Lantern 03. Beneath 04. Memento 05. Modus Morbus (Bass Intro) 06. Modus Morbus 07. Accepting  08. The Rove 09. Baroqueish 10. At This Instant

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