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Thursday, 11 July 2024 07:17

VINYL here available now! Still Waiting for Better Days

Feeling Fine Against All Odds Better Days' Blues  I'm Normal
Georgia on my Mind Got the Blues in my Shoes The Bright Side of the Blues
Now You Wanna Come Back Home Sliding Thru Life



(physical Vinyl)

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This is the 2nd album of Fuse Bluezz! Rens Newland's roots were the Blues! Way back in the 60s in Holland. His journey went over Experimental Pop, Fusion, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Rock, Studio, etc.. But he loves  to come back to these roots now and then!  Co-initiator of the project is Peter Gruber, from whome came a lot of input and inspiritation and who plays the bass here! Vocals are again taken over by Ric Toldon! Drummer  is the young Simon Springer. Keyboard man Martin Wöss added some piano and synth additions. Again the basic sound is of course build on Mr. Newland's guitars, here he uses some of his dearest instruments, like Gibson Les Paul custom,  ES 335 and L5, Fender Strato and Tele, Godin Red Line, Parker Fly and Takamine Acoustic Steel. The tracks once more show the broad possibilities of the Blues in form and sound: Delta Blues, Funkblues, Jazzblues, Rockblues and more. Some instrumental tracks are of course also part of the concept! All the music is by the bandleader and most of the lyrcs are, one is by Ric Toldon and one by Lional Lodge, a former partner of Mr. Newland.

All titles recorded at ORANGE STUDIO Vienna - in Corona Times 2021, except A.04, which was recorded live at music club REIGEN(Vienna). As a follow-up for our album „Blues Indeed“ - (Jive Music JM-2100) we spared these tracks for the better days to come after Corona! That didn’t really work: other catastrophies came direct with it and after it! So it stays a „hoping and waiting“... All music was produced, arranged, engineered and mixed by Rens Newland
Mastering by Hans Zinkl,  Band photos by Ziggy Miller, cover design by Rens Newland for GRFX 

A 01.Feeling Fine Against All Odds*(words & music by Rens Newland) 4:29 A 02.Better Days' Blues (composed by Rens Newland) 3:57 A 03.I'm Normal*(words by Lionel Lodge, music by Rens Newland) 5:03 A 04.Georgia on my Mind (Hoagy Carmichael /Stuart Gorrell) - instrumental 3:31 B 01.Got the Blues in my Shoes*(words & music by Rens Newland) 4:03 B 02.The Bright Side of the Blues (composed by Rens Newland) 4:59 B 03.Now You Wanna Come Back Home*(w. : Ric Toldon, m. : Rens Newland)4:17 B 04.Sliding Thru Life (composed by Rens Newland) 3:42

Cover design by Rens Newland for GRFX

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Monday, 06 March 2023 08:18

Singles, Grooves & Memories

WAR - what is it good for? Lovin you Vienna Got The Blues Frisky Frog Funk Sibirian Husky Voodoo Guy Having Real Fun Like the Lakes Two Roots Baddest Beat in Town Fingerflow 1 - Nylon in A 




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This here is Rens Newland's big journey through time, from 1974 to 2022. Singles recorded by him, most of them his originals. From collaborations with Scope (Netherlands/Germany), to OSTINATO or Fuse Bluezz project (Vienna, Austria). Also solo guitar pieces and a lot of studio productions through the years on which he played or programmed all instruments. With SCOPE you hear Rik Elings on bass, Rob Franken on rhodes & synthesizer, Henk Zomer on drums. On "NEWLAND" you hear Tommy Böröcz on drums, Alee Thelfa om Percussion, Harry Gansberger on keys, Heinz Jäger on Bass. On OSTINATO you hear additional Gina Charles (later Charito) & Martin Fuss. On FUSE BLUEZZ you hear Simon Springer, Peter Gruber & Martin Wöss.

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Thursday, 13 January 2022 08:52


Insomnia Efervescencia Otra Vez In Spite Of Koyo Red Sun Horus Zarouan Isi‘s Vegan Cheesesauce Caracol





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“Koyo” touches upon the motivations that drive the band to create music. When the desire to discover and explore the world awakens in him, the Koyo embarks on a journey leaving his homeland and loved ones behind. Destitute, he wanders through various countries until he reaches a new, unknown land, where he is confronted with a new set of values much different from his own. Even though he struggles financially, he uses his music and spirituality to carve a way through this strange world, in hopes of building a dignified life for himself.

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Sunday, 12 September 2021 07:44

Blues Indeed (w. Fuse Bluezz feat. Ric Toldon)

The Balcony Blues Fonky World  Sneeky C Vienna Got The Blues You‘re So Mean Blues Indeed Need A Wah Guitar Bad Day‘s Blues I‘m Sliding Red White Blues





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As Rens Newland's roots were in the 1960s Blues, the Electric Blues of John Mayall, Eric Clapton and in Holland Cuby & the Blizzards or Living Blues. and he always tried to keep this deep music feeling in all the projects and styles he did in the meantime, it was no big jump to get back into that and make a Blues album. He and his friend Peter Gruber (bass player) were talking now and then in the last years, that they should do such a project together!

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Friday, 14 May 2021 21:07

Trance of Noiz

Matrix Mussorgsky Club Street Doll. The Devil and the Nomad Do Da Doo Awake. Trance of Noiz Matrix PX Hongkong Tavern Mirror Me





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The third solo album of Andi Steirer, the highly gifted and perfect percussion-player/soloist from Austria!
He doesn‘t just play the percussion, he IS percussion! So he also invented the Body-Drumming! Here on this concept album he presents himself as a composer, too. It was recorded and produced by his fellow Ostinato musician Rens Newland. What we get here is 100 percent percussion, full power beats and colourful, diversified music. Meant to dance on or to just listen and dream away. A main influence for these recordings - besides Jazz and Funk – was his affinity with Tech House, which also popped up in his preceding album. The songs are arranged very precisely and feature some saxophones (Thomas Kugi), some alto flutes (Heinz von Hermann), several guitars (Rens Newland) and some high trumpets (Josef Burchartz). Partly the tracks are JUST percussion with underlaid beats, out of a series of percussion works you can also find on his recent EP “Perc House X”. A rich statement of the Austrian master percussionist.

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Sunday, 14 June 2020 16:05

SCOPE III (only digital)

Musiphysical Experience Super Serenade Perpetuum We Gotta Do (voc) Fire Words Pure, Magic & Clean Spring Thing Part1 instr Spring Thing Part2 voc Strunk Honky Pank Electric Eel

This is the 3rd album of the legendary Fusionband Scope! This one was recorded in 1977 but not released till digitally round 2010. After Henk Zomer (for higher goals) and Rik Elings (to concentrate on his study at the music conservatory) left the band Rens Newland took over.the leadership and the capture of the »Scope III history« began: It was a fresh start with Robert Vink on drums, first with Peter Schön on keyboards and Paul Bachmeier on bass. Soon Arthur Clarck took over the bass position and he also moved to Zwolle! 1976 Rob Franken joined in again! Now we had a tight band with steady rehearsals again! Rens Newland was very inspired and wrote a lot of crazy tunes, quite wild, and Scope started to play concerts again.

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Friday, 12 June 2020 08:55


Tamotua Shuffle Funk Dog Shuttle Service The Zebra (Part I) High Checker Frisky Frog Funk Ant-Artica The Zebra (Part II) Big Ferro


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The second album (1975) of the Dutch groundbraking legendary fusion band Scope, now available as CD and digitally! By the addition of Rob Franken - one of the greatest European pianists/Synthesizer players at that time -, plus that Rik Elings changed to the bass, the group really came into a new aera and level. Henk Zomer again is inspiring and crazy on drums! Rens Nieuwland (a.k.a. Newland) stans out funky and rock-jazzy on guitar!   "One of the top jazz rock fusion LPs out there...really high-skilled group with endless melodies and plenty of shred time". (Z.K.K.), "Great! Even better than their first. Some groovy zeuhl-ish funky here!"

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Friday, 29 May 2020 14:18

PERC HOUSE X (Digital E.P.)

N.O.W. X Nomad X Mirror Me X Matrix X Street X Doo X

100 Percent percussion from Andi Steirer, full power beats with colourful solos as a preview to his upcoming concept album!
01 N.O.W. X | 02 Nomad X | 03 Mirror Me X | 04 Matrix X | 05 Street X | 06 Doo X

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Wednesday, 25 March 2020 09:33

Tribe Trio Tracks

Silent to Strong Wild Coolness  Careful & Curious Sweet Little Devil  
Funny Smart Boy Sage & Singing Good Girl, Mad Girl Creative Guy Wonderful Innocence Jolly, Tough and Tireless 
Feeling Fine Against All Odds The Steady One



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These are basically trio versions of all the songs from my former "solo" album "Family Trax", which are dedicated to his people (his tribe).

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