Thursday, 10 March 2022 10:00

Wie das Leben so spielt

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Wie das Leben so spielt 90:40 Am Teich Relax Max Lockdown Minor-Blues Ganz bei mir Damit a Ruah is!





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Wie das Leben so spielt - How life goes!

What does a musician in the time of Corona  do – what with no engagements, financial insecurity, and with the growing feeling that it may well be a long time before events managers and organizers feel confident enough to plan future concerts or events in the form we have heretofore been accustomed…? Does one give in to despair, quit entirely or find other work? Thomas Kramer decided to try to use this time meaningfully and creatively und began again to compose and with that,  to fulfill one of his fondest wishes: to bring my musical “Dream Team” with whom I had already worked for several years  into the studio.  So now here it is: a “sign of life” – certainly to be continued! With two wonderful friends and musicians, Erwin Schmidt on Hammond organ and Heimo Wiederhofer on drums, The Thomas Kramer Hammond Trio, he recorded 10 fine original compositions and shows his great musical craftsmanship with a great sound as well.