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Wednesday, 25 March 2020 09:33

Tribe Trio Tracks

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Silent to Strong Wild Coolness  Careful & Curious Sweet Little Devil  
Funny Smart Boy Sage & Singing Good Girl, Mad Girl  Creative Guy 
Wonderful Innocence Jolly, Tough and Tireless 
Feeling Fine Against All Odds The Steady One

These are basically trio versions of all the songs from my former "solo" album "Family Trax", which are dedicated to his people (his tribe). The first production was very precise and with emphasis on the compositions and the many different guitars. Here on these recordings he got the thing more powerful, groovy and vivid by the added drums (Oliver Gattringer) and bass (Willi Langer). It brings up other essences of the characters he describes here. it's an unusual idea indeed to release two different versions of the same material! The musical styles go from Funk and Jazz to Rock and Hip-Hop, but all in his range of taste!
Again he used a lot of different guitars out of his collection to get the right sound to each vision.

 01. Silent to Strong 02. Good Girl, Mad Girl  03. Creative Guy 04. Feeling Fine Against All Odds 05. Funny Smart Boy 06. Sweet Little Devil 07. Wonderful Innocence 08. Careful & Curious 09. The Steady One 10. Jolly, Tough and Tireless11. Wild Coolness 12. Sage & Singing 

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Friday, 18 December 2009 23:00

Never Slow Down

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Too Many Questions Busy Survivin

Acoustic folkblues at its best: Great, mature, ear-catching songs with a message as well as fine guitar work! Though born in Vienna, the "American-hearted" songwriter, singer and 12-string acoustic fingerstyle guitar instrumentalist is making a very vivid personal statement here!

01. Busy Survivin‘ 02. Too Many Questions 03- Addicted 04. Without You 05. What‘S The Matter With Me 06. Before There‘S Nothing Left To Say 07. Meet You On The Moon 08. Letter From San Francisco 09. You‘Re A Soul-Eater 10. Hold You In My Arms 11. Higher Grade Of Love 12. Sent On An Errand

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Saturday, 13 December 1997 23:00

Life At First Sight

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With this all-song album in a band format, the finger-picking guitarist and blues songwriter lays proof of his skills. Excellent lyrics, fine arrangements, instrumental virtuosity!

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