Thomas Kramer
Friday, 18 December 2009 23:00

Never Slow Down

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Too Many Questions Busy Survivin

Acoustic folkblues at its best: Great, mature, ear-catching songs with a message as well as fine guitar work! Though born in Vienna, the "American-hearted" songwriter, singer and 12-string acoustic fingerstyle guitar instrumentalist is making a very vivid personal statement here!

01. Busy Survivin‘ 02. Too Many Questions 03- Addicted 04. Without You 05. What‘S The Matter With Me 06. Before There‘S Nothing Left To Say 07. Meet You On The Moon 08. Letter From San Francisco 09. You‘Re A Soul-Eater 10. Hold You In My Arms 11. Higher Grade Of Love 12. Sent On An Errand

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Saturday, 13 December 1997 23:00

Life At First Sight

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With this all-song album in a band format, the finger-picking guitarist and blues songwriter lays proof of his skills. Excellent lyrics, fine arrangements, instrumental virtuosity!

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Monday, 22 September 1997 22:00

Acoustic Daydreams

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Dutch Daydreams

Variety and virtuosity. Lots of acoustic guitars (some electric), solos, duos (with himself), trios (three - or more - tracks played), in a relaxing mood.

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Published in Rens Newland


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