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Thursday, 15 October 2015 22:00


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01. Big City Beauty 02. Mo Music 

05. Love Talk 11. I Could Not Live Without You

12. Boomshaka 13. It‘s Friday - remix

Across the furthest corners of the world comes an album that was destined to happen. Just Two Strangers, is an inevitable encounter between two unlikely collaborators, Cloud Tissa (Kenia, Austria), comes from Ragamuffin & Rap and Rens Newland (Holland, Austria), comes from Funk & Jazz. This is a beautiful amalgamation of their styles

01. Big City Beauty 02. Mo Music 03. it‘s Friday 04. African Girl 05. Love Talk 06. Having Some Fun 07. They Call Her Bad Girl 08. Put a Smile on your Face 09. Heartbeat 10. Mista Mista 11. I Could Not Live Without You 12. Boomshaka 13. It‘s Friday - remix 14. Having Some Fun - remix

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Friday, 02 January 2004 23:00


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He stops me dead so easily

The succesful and highly talented "Idols" lady Rebecca in a rich and jazzy production of Rens Newland and his band

(feat. Verena, Christine Brezovsky, Claud Tissa, Willi Langer, Martin Wöss...)

01. The Bliss 02. Everybody’s Fate 03. Planet Of Sound 04. Time Confused 05. Spirits Run 06. Mama She Taught Me 07. The Healing Of A Broken Heart 08. Let The Love Slide In 09. The River Is You 10. Kiss The Bliss 11. Push Yourself Through 12. He Stops Me Dead So Easily 13. Sinner Or Saint 14. Tears Of Recognition 15. Mountain Of Thoughts 

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Sunday, 02 January 2005 23:00

STRONG! - the newland trax

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Some Things Are True Fallen to the Floor

A new vocal soul-rock sensation from Austria. Young, cute and very gifted, singer and composer as well, this debut album was produced by Rens Newland. 

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Published in Christine Brezovsky
Tuesday, 30 December 2008 23:00

two faces

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Jumping Jack Flash No Matter

2nd Album of this very talented young lady with the big voice: tasty rock songs and fine ballads, mainly originals.

01. No Matter 02. Jumping Jack Flash 03. If U Want Me 2 04. I Believed 05.Maybe 06. A Fool 07. Caused By You 08. You started out so bright 09. The Flame 10. Apocalypse 11. Coming Our Way 12. I Will Cry 13. Something to stand on you 14. My Fathers Eyes 15. A Taste

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 22:00

Groove Generation

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Soulbrothers feat. Sheila Fernandez
Move That Thing feat. Stella Jones
Ladybird feat. Cedric Hayman
Sweet Soul feat. Anzo

The excellent band around guitarist Rens Newland used to back up stars like the Supremes and Gloria Gaynor. Here presenting own material sung by great soul voices from Vienna (a.o.: Tini Kainrath, Stella Jones, Andie Gabauer, Lynne Kieran). 

01. Soulbrothers, Soulsisters feat. Sheila Fernandez 02. Move That Thing feat. Stella Jones  03. Ladybird feat. Cedric Hayman 04. Lovelife feat. Tini Kainrath 05. Burning Desire feat. Andie Gabauer  06. Give Me Something More feat. Cloud Tissa & Christine Brezovsky 07. Don’t Do That To Me feat. Amber Schoop 08. Sensual feat. Michael Kellner 09. Say It Straight feat. Chris Kisielewsky 10. Sweet Soul feat. Anzo 11. Gonna Make It Mine feat. Irida 12. You Only Read My Mind feat. Gina Charito 13. In Deep feat. Lynne Kieran 14. Need Your Touch feat. Jacqueline Patricio 15. Let Us Stick Together
Featured musicians: Willi Langer: bass, Oliver Gattringer: drums, Christoph Schoedl: drums, Christian Lettner: drums, Gerri Schuller: keyboards, Ray Leslee: grand piano, Martin Wöss: keyboards , Maggie Faltin: back vocals , Rebecca Kolland: back vocals, Michaela Brezovsky: back vocals, Peter Duke: back vocals, Luis Ribeiro: percussion, Patrice Heral: congas, tablas, kratsch, derbuka , Flip Philipp: vibraphone, programming, triangle, cowbells, Josef Burchartz: trumpet, Martin Fuss: alto/tenor sax. Christian Radovan: trombone, Dominik Stöger: trombone, Violins: Nicolas Geremus (Concertmaster), Michaela Wild, Wei Ping Li, Russel Mcgregor, Patricia Kopacinskaya, Walter Ebenberger, Martin Klimek, Renate Buchmann, Piroska Batori, Emanuel Schulz, Lukas Raab, Violas: Michael Buchmann, Wolfgang Prohaska, Celli: Christian Schulz, Melissa Coleman, Merike Hilmar, Birgit Dormayr, Christoph Unterberger, Double Bass: Bernhard Ziegler, Rens Newland: all guitars, programming, keyboards, back vocals

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