Thomas Kramer
Friday, 02 January 2004 23:00


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He stops me dead so easily

The succesful and highly talented "Idols" lady Rebecca in a rich and jazzy production of Rens Newland and his band

(feat. Verena, Christine Brezovsky, Claud Tissa, Willi Langer, Martin Wöss...)

01. The Bliss 02. Everybody’s Fate 03. Planet Of Sound 04. Time Confused 05. Spirits Run 06. Mama She Taught Me 07. The Healing Of A Broken Heart 08. Let The Love Slide In 09. The River Is You 10. Kiss The Bliss 11. Push Yourself Through 12. He Stops Me Dead So Easily 13. Sinner Or Saint 14. Tears Of Recognition 15. Mountain Of Thoughts 

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Sunday, 05 December 2004 23:00

JAZZMETALEX - experiences

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What Claud Has To Say

Cool music with touches of Jazz and Pop. Original works as well as some standard compositions are presented.

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