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Wednesday, 19 April 2023 20:29

Love Shock

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Awful Love (Album Version)  Hey, Boy!
It's just the rain I Go Wherever You Go
Point of view Love shock
Awful Love (Radio Edit) Comfort Me

The motto of this album is "....only with humor!....". The artist finds that all we need is a "Love Shock" to wake up, see the true values ​​of the world, and feel more alive and happier! All songs on this album are again from her own pen (lyrics & music) and on most of them she is again accompanied by the excellent Hungarian MISKOLC DIXIELAND BAND. As composer she has once again succeeded in writing songs that immediately catch your eye (and stay), as if they were existing standards! Theme: love and life.
Two bonus tracks show other interesting aspects of the artist: on the one hand a Latin pop version of one of the songs,
“Awful Love” (à la J.Lo), which also appears as a single, on the other hand a beautiful, intimate pop ballad “Comfort Me“ (à la Shakira)!

1 Point of view | 2 Hey Boy | 3 It's just the rain | 4 Awful Love | 5 Love Shock | 6 I Go Wherever You Go | BONUS TRACKS: 7 Awfull Love (Latin Pop Version)  | 8 Comfort Me


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Thursday, 04 February 2021 10:01

Love Won't Wait

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Jerry Lee  Gugigugigugugugu Take Me 
One Man Show (radio edit) Jazz-Zenész
Love Won´t Wait (feat. Susan Blake on Trombone)
Minden Jó Shut Up! I´m Not In Love With You 
Have You Seen Mr Green? I Say Thank You

All the songs on this album are written by Susan Blake (words & music)! She did lots of touring with Dixieland bands - especially some from Hungary - ever since she left schools. One of these bands is the MISKOLC DIXIELAND BAND, which is the fine backing group on this record. As a composer Susan Blake is quite succesful: in the last years, while doing some more country stuff as a singer, in two following years she won prizes for the best song - composer and lyricist - at the Austrian Country Awards! Here on these recordings she came back to her Dixie roots, but in a delicate mix with Mainstream Jazz, Pop and Country influences. The songs sound positve and light, as if you already know them, the lyrics are with a lot of humour, about love and life. There is also a lot of room for the bands soloists and on the title track Miss Blake takes a solo on the trombone, one of her additionnal instruments.

1. Jerry Lee  2. All These Little Things   3. Take Me  4. Minden Jó  5. Love Won´t Wait (feat. Susan Blake on Trombone) 6. Shut Up! I´m Not In Love With You  7. Gugigugigugugugu 8. Have You Seen Mr Green?  9. One Man Show  10. Jazz-Zenész  11. Why Should You Not Love Me?  12. Let Make It Happen  13. I Say Thank You 14. One Man Show (radio edit)

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Thursday, 22 January 2009 23:00

The Bright Side Of Life

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Smoke On The Water Always Look at the Bright Side of Life

(Pop Goes Dixie) These 5 crazy, genious and humurous musicians around Rens Newland have fun and take Pop and Rock standards and arrange it instantly to real Dixie songs! Featuring Jerry Pfister(tp), Horst Hausleitner(sx, cl), Tom Henkes(dr)
01. Smoke On The Water 02. Sailing 03. Always Look At The Bright Side Of Life 04. Ob/La/Di Ob/La/Da 05. I Just Called To Say... 06. Mercedes Benz 07. Yellow Submarine 08. Sunshine Of Your Love 09. Waterloo 10. I Shot The Sheriff 11. Riders On The Storm 12. Dandy 13. Bad Moon Rising 14. Satisfaction 15. Englishman In N.Y. 16. Heal The World

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 23:00

Saxy Songs

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Bay mir bist du schein The Girl From Ipanema Sax in the City What A Wonderful World

He is one of the great saxophone players of Vienna, who has created his unique place in the music landscape. Loves to play melodies, loves to improvise - in all kind of styles. Here he celebrates "40 years on stage" with his favourite songs.

01. Bay mir bistu sheyn 02. The Girl From Ipanema 03. Heal The World 04. Sax In The City 05. Black Orpheus 06. Gone Too Soon 07. What A Wonderfull World 08. Chillout Satie/Gymnopedia 09. My Yiddishe Momme 10. Gabriellas Song 11. Fantasy 12. Cavatina 13. Endless Love 14. S‘il suffisait d’aimer 15. Hello 16. Can You Feel The Love Tonight


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