Thomas Kramer
Saturday, 03 January 2009 23:00

The Gazelle Grooves

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Doujie Gazelle Groove

Christian Havel, one of the leading Jazz guitarists of Europe, started “just for fun” jamsessions in the oriental club/restaurant „Aux Gazelles”, somewhere in Vienna. Out of this Session grew a really tight band, this studio recording is a document and a prove for that! The lovely combination of a warm sounding Jazzguitar, a smokey Hammond organ, a light and swingy drums and a snake charming saxophone bring us in the feeling to be right between New York and the Orient.

01. Doujie 02. The Jody Grind 03. Get Out Of Town 04. Andalucia 05. Olvidar 06. Calypsos 07.Can't Buy Me Love 08. Mr.Walker 09. E.S. Bonus Track: 10. Gazelle Groove

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