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A Sintoation

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A very big sound and a great hard bop melodic material, that are the treasures that Raklo Weinrich presents to us on these recordings. Fine round exclusively original compositions of the bandleader create a very pleasant atmosphere: soft sounding, but enough interesting lines we hear from all the musicians: Martin Wöss on Rhodes, Synth and Grand Piano, Werner Feldgrill on Electric Bass, Wolfi Rainer on Drums, Rainer Gradischnig on Percussion, Herwig Gradischnig on Tenor Sax (on selected titles). Groovy beats from Swing to Funk. A fine Bossa features the lady-singer Jacqueline Patricio.
01 MILES 4:46 02 LOVE AFFAIR 5:26 03 MOGLI 5:25 04 LIVE GOES ON 5:42 05 R.W.GROOVE 4:59 06 UNIVERSE 2:15 07 FOR MY PARENTS 4:20 08 MY SPIRIT 5:02 09 NISA 3:18 10 SINTOATION 7:08

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Sunday, 31 January 2016 23:00

My Instrument is the Orchestra

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My Instrument is the Orchestra Crazy Concepts from Vienna I remember Hans and Marcus Homecoming Brainwash Airport St. Petersburg The Spirit of Don Ellis Just a Short Idea Think about it!

 „My Instrument is the Orchestra“ is the result of the work over the previous 10 to 15 years. Bandleader, arranger and composer Markus Geiselhart has tried to go new ways with this production – based on tradition in music. So he experimented in the matters of line up, composition and arrangement, but also with the way the production was mixed. It's a great Big Band, featuring soloists like THOMAS KUGI (tenor saxophone), HERWIG GRADISCHNIG (baritone saxophone), MARTIN KOLLER (guitar), HERBERT JOOS (flugelhorn), ROMED HOPFGARTNER (alto saxophone), CLEMENS SALESNY (alto saxophone), MARIO ROM (trumpet), MARIO LACKNER (drums), STEFAN THALER (bass), ALOIS EBERL (trombone), GERMAN MARSTATT (flugelhorn), finding new ways and new combinations using interesting sounds like rock guitars and electronics!

01. My Instrument is the Orchestra 02. Crazy Concepts from Vienna 03. I remember Hans and Marcus 04. Homecoming 05. Brainwash 06. Airport St. Petersburg 07. The Spirit of Don Ellis 08. Just a Short Idea 09. Think about it!

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Friday, 27 February 2015 23:00

One Nite Samba

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Suddenly And Unexpected One Nite Samba
Lisa‘s Privacy Love Words Count 

This great quartet around the highly talented Jazz pianist Robert Schönherr takes us on a journey through several colours and styles. The leader plays Grand Piano as good as the Fender Rhodes and the melodies are mostly played by the outstanding saxophone player Herwig Gradischnig (a Jive Music Artist as well!). His tone is smooth and wonderful, the lines smart and modern. Drummer Mario Gonzi, as always, is impulsive and sometimes crazy driving and the bass of Joschi Schneeberger makes the solid bottom! As a guest the ladysonger Alexandra Schenk is giving us some nice relaxing spots. Not a one nite thing!

01. Suddenly And Unexpected 02. Laura‘s Locomotion 03. One Nite Samba 04. Joey‘s Waltz 05. Too High 06 Lisa‘s Privacy 07. Love Words Count 08. Red Roof 09. Bossa For Anna 10. The Blues On And Off 11. Can It Be Done
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Thursday, 03 January 2008 23:00

The Blue Side Of Flipper

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Change the Rhythm Young and Fine Desafinado

Musical interchange, a creative dealing with music and a joint development of themes - Piano Trio as it should be! The pianist thoughtfully strings notes together, the bass player Joschi Schneeberger creates a warm groundwork, drummer Mario Gonzi: pulsating explosiveness to soft impressiveness.

01. change the rhythm 02. desafinado 03. the blue side of flipper 04. sandro & celina 05. dampfwalzer 06. herbie ́s mood 07. limerick 08. the influenze of j.z. 09. i ́ll close my eyes 10. young and fine


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Friday, 04 August 1995 22:00

{about} Sexy Jazz

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She Does It Young Spirits About Humour
The Hill House Woman`s Taste  About Aesthetics 
 If you Try Hard, it Will Start Wittgenstein 

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Rens Newland was born in Holland, where he started as a jazz and fusion guitarist, with the well-known band Scope. 1977 he moved to Vienna and has successfully developed his carreer, on the one hand through his collaboration with internationally renowned musicians such as Toots Thielemans or Benny Bailey, and on the other hand through his experiences as a composer and arranger for the Austrian Radio Big Band (ORF Big Band). In this new project, in which all the tracks were written by Rens Newland himself, he combines down-to- earth blues elements with multicultural influences, sometimes also using weird, new sounds. The basic framework for this sound painting is formed by his trio: Joe Dudli on drums / Uli Langthaler on acoustic bass / Rens Newland on electric guitar, which is supported by some special guests from the Austrian Jazz scene (Rudi Mille and Stephan Mitterbacher on keyboards, Paul Zauner on Trombone, Herwig Gradischnig on tenor saxophone, ...). Newland’s skilfully played improvisations alternate with musically sensitive stories. For example, “She Does It” is about a woman who inspired him to write many compositions and here the atmosphere of the album becomes really sensual. “Music is like a woman’s touch - Jazz is sexy” could be seen as the basic message of this CD.
The guitarist (Holland-Austria) opens us a powerful world of melodic feelings!
Rens Newland - guitars, Uli Langthaler - upright bass, Joris Dudli - Drums, Stephan Mitterbacher - Keyboards, Herwig Gradischnig - Saxes
Guests: Paul Zauner - Trombone, Rudi Mille - Keyboards (plus recording & mixing!)

1 She does it | 2 Young spirits | 3 the Hill house | 4 Woman`s taste | 5 About Freedom | 6 Wittgenstein | 7 About Humour | 8 Shuffle Boat | 9 Art of nature |
10 If you try hard, it will start | 11 Paisley | 12 About aesthetics

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