Thomas Kramer
Monday, 07 January 2013 23:00

True Paradise

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One For Hidemasa True Paradise

Once again drummer Joris Dudli and alto saxophonist Vincent Herring have paired to co-lead a passionate album, backed by Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, Freddie Bryant on guitar, Jared Gold on organ and presenting vocals as a new colour for the group with the tastful voice of Sachal Vasandani.
The Soul Jazz Alliance revisits the tradition with elegance and play with heart on Dudli’s eight original compositions and Bryant’s “Lovers Line.” Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” is the beautiful final.

01. One For Hidemasa 02. True Paradise 03. As Of Now 04. Here’s My Little Girl 05. So Far Behind 06. Lover’s Line 07. Someday To Be With You 08. Why Are You Lonely 09. Two Back - Three Forward 10. Don’t Know Why

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Wednesday, 03 January 2007 23:00

Plan A

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74th & Columbus

A“Real Band”, a spirited unit that has been playing together for many years. This band is invigorating, dynamic and energetic. With 2 new members joining, the funky side of the music became immensely stronger and made us decide to record our first album as Earth Jazz Agents.
Drummer Joris Dudli is the organizing brain behind the quartet.

01. 74th & Columbus 02. All That Pain 03. Tom Tom 04. Pamela 05. Speak Low 06. Blues For Hiroshi 07. Paradise Lost 08. Plan A 09. King Jaffe Jufer

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