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Bounderies Extended Lee's Dream
Art, Fahr Ma I'm Old Fashioned
Well Done Summertime Moon River

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On this album bandleader Joris Dudli presents himself as a Jazz singer for the first time. He has a very special approach and sound! About half of the tracks have vocals. Also one song (the great Summertime) with lady singer Carole Alston is presented. The backing band (with various line-ups) is always great, with lots of very creative moments.

Now talk about the instrumental songs: since this record is the perfect example of mix with a few vocal songs in a set of a challenging jazz concert (or album), because this was never intended to be a “singer's record.”
During the past several years, Joris had the pleasure of working with his former student Gregor Storf, who - after finishing his masters on drums - suddenly picked up the tenor saxophone (which he had played in his teens) and came out sounding great! Besides contributing his colorful song, “Lee’s Dream” (dedicated to Lee Morgan), he also wrote some really hip horn arrangements for “Art Far Ma” (dedicated of course to Joris' mentor Art Farmer) and “Prince Vince” (dedicated to one of today's greatest alto players, Dudli's longtime partner in crime, Vincent Herring). Gregor’s fine drumming can be heard on two tracks.
“Boundaries Expanded” was specially written for a concert during a Beethoven celebration; we thought it was fun to play and put it on the record.
With “Well Done!” Joris wants to express his thanks to the fantastic Mike LeDonne, who reassured every step of the way to be a singer, as well as those world’s leading jazz musicians: Vincent Herring, Eric Alexander, Joe Farnsworth, Peter Washington and Wallace Roney Jr., all of whom supported him throughout the first recording session at Trading 8s Recording Studio.
Vince, Greg and Wallace also did the second date at Bunker Studio, where joined three more top of the world players: Dave Kikoski, Peter Bernstein and Joris' longtime friend Essiet Essiet on bass. Thanks to all of them for their excellent playing and positive input! The title track “Boundaries Expanded” was specially written for a concert during a Beethoven celebration!

01)  BOUNDARIES EXPANDED Joris Dudli 3:50 | 02)  LEE’S DREAM Gregor Storf 6:36 | 03)  ART, FAHR MA? Joris Dudli 5:10 | 04)  I’M OLD FASHIONED Jerome Kern 4:41| 05)  PRINCE VINCE Joris Dudli 6:16
06)  SUMMERTIME George Gershwin 4:20 || 07)  WELL DONE Joris Dudli 5:01| 08)  HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES? Richard Rodgers 4:13 | 09)  MOON RIVER Henry Mancini 4:46 | 10)  I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS Richard Rodgers 5:10 || 11)  DARN THAT DREAM Jimmy Van Heusen 5:48

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Tuesday, 01 September 2020 06:37

Waltz for Jonathan

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Waltz for Jonathan  Boppin` in D-Minor  
Ed`s Blues Go Wes!  Trikonasana 
Savoy Ballroom The Big Band Theory  
Velhos Amigos

The Austrian guitarist Roland Stonek is at home in several styles, like Jazz, Country and Latin. Here he finally presents his first album as a bandleader, of course with his favorite kind of music: Jazz in the tradition of Wes Montgomery. He chose the guitar/organ/drums-format, with Joris Dudli on drums and Erwin Schmidt on the organ and decided – since it is his debut – to expand the trio for this recording by a hornsection consisting of the creme-de-la-creme of Austrian musicians: Daniel Nösig/trumpet, Bernhard Wiesinger/alto sax & flute, Thomas Kugi/tenor & baritone sax and Robert Bachner/trombone. On six of his eight original compositions you can hear them blowing those great horn arrangements written by the gifted Thomas Kugi. These - together with the superb playing of those admirable musicians – add another dimension to his music. 

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13.03 Thirteen "o" three

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Gentle Rain - Duo Certitude Sweetheart Boogle Woogle

Christian Havel is without doubt one of the leading Jazz guitarists of Europe. On this album he gathered four very strong collegues for his international quintet. The recording session also features the great voice and musical skills of Lori Williams. Your ears will be pleased by a very variant row of mainly original works by the band, peppered with some nice standards. Moods from balladesque over swinging to groovy.

01. Gentle Rain-DUO 02. Certitude 03. Sweetheart 04. Autumn Leaves 05. 13.03 06. Just For Fun 07. Gentle Rain 08. Leo trinkt Champagner 09. Boogle Woogle 10. Fellowship

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Monday, 07 January 2013 23:00

True Paradise

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One For Hidemasa True Paradise

Once again drummer Joris Dudli and alto saxophonist Vincent Herring have paired to co-lead a passionate album, backed by Jeremy Pelt on trumpet, Freddie Bryant on guitar, Jared Gold on organ and presenting vocals as a new colour for the group with the tastful voice of Sachal Vasandani.
The Soul Jazz Alliance revisits the tradition with elegance and play with heart on Dudli’s eight original compositions and Bryant’s “Lovers Line.” Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why” is the beautiful final.

01. One For Hidemasa 02. True Paradise 03. As Of Now 04. Here’s My Little Girl 05. So Far Behind 06. Lover’s Line 07. Someday To Be With You 08. Why Are You Lonely 09. Two Back - Three Forward 10. Don’t Know Why

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Essence Of Silence

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Essence Shen Shun Song Epikur

Two CDs full of good atmospheres by the great soprano and tenor sax of Chico Freeman with the excellent austrian Trio of Fritz Pauer (p) with Hans Strasser (b) and Joris Dudli (d). Mainly new compositions by Freeman and Pauer, full of easy grooving and full of nice harmonies.

CD 1 - 01. Enchance 02. Helen’s Song 03. The Trespasser 04. The Essence of Silence 05. Shen Shun Song 06. Will I See You in the Morning 07. Minor Relations
CD 2 - 01. Salsa con Punta 02. Epikur Intro 03. Epikur Main 04. To Hear a Teardrop in the Rain 05. Dark Blue 06. Drum Chant 07. Angel Eyes

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Wednesday, 03 January 2007 23:00

Plan A

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74th & Columbus

A“Real Band”, a spirited unit that has been playing together for many years. This band is invigorating, dynamic and energetic. With 2 new members joining, the funky side of the music became immensely stronger and made us decide to record our first album as Earth Jazz Agents.
Drummer Joris Dudli is the organizing brain behind the quartet.

01. 74th & Columbus 02. All That Pain 03. Tom Tom 04. Pamela 05. Speak Low 06. Blues For Hiroshi 07. Paradise Lost 08. Plan A 09. King Jaffe Jufer

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Monday, 02 January 2006 23:00


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Highly tasteful piano trio work with interesting Horn arrangements! Oliver Kent, Uli Langthaler, Joris Dudli with Ed Partyka a.o.!

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Friday, 02 January 2004 23:00


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Die Rückkehr (Back To N.Y.C.)

Again the international quartet (Dennis Erwin/Joris Dudli/Jon Davis) travels from highlight to highlight, this time in a more dark, moody sound!

01. Die Rückkehr (Back To N.Y.C.) 02. Die Prüfung (Examination) 03. Die Veränderung (Change) 04. Battersea Powerstation 05. Die Besinnung (Reflection) 06. Gelsenplage (Mosquito Pain) 07. Chelsea Bridge 08. This Joker Is A Smoker 09. Rika Fliegt (Rika Flys)


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Monday, 29 December 2003 23:00

!Move That Thing

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About Moving

An exciting jazz guitar/groovy rhythm concept, which shows once again the great possibilities of the guitarplayer/composer (with the band „Groovit“, feat. Willi Langer, Christian Lettner, Joris Dudli, Oliver Gattringer, Flip Philipp)

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Sunday, 29 December 2002 23:00


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With his international quartet (Dennis Erwin/Joris Dudli/Jon Davis) Mr. Havel prooves again to be one of the greatest guitar players around!

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