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Keys to Peace

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Delicious Excitement Mother Waiting 
Summer Swallow  Sweet Relaxation 
Grey streamers of dawn Delighted Anticipation 
shower of sparks

Myroslav Levytsky(p) and Rens Newland(g), both great personalities on their instruments, came together the first time in 2001. In the following years a cooperation developed itself between Braty Bluzu (the band of Myroslav and his brother Oleg) and Rens Newland. Myroslav has classical and eastern roots, Rens has Blues, Rock and Jazz, so western roots. They had a small Tour in Austria which resulted in a Live Album "Myroslav Levytsky & Rens Newland Project "One Autumn Concert" released in the Ukrain. This is the second album of just the two, again recorded in Vienna in Rens' Orange House Studio. It's mainly inspirational and meditative solo Piano pieces. Three tracks feature Rens Newlnd on steel string guitar.

01. Mother Waiting 6 : 24  
02. The Purest Affection 5 : 13  
03. Tenderest Time of Dusk 5 : 21  mix - Magic Moreno   
04. A Shower of Sparks (Dr. Ford Mix)  4 : 42  mix - Daniel Robert Ford/DrFord 
05. Summer Swallow (Alan Flexa 3D mix) 2 : 29     3D mix - Alan Flexa 
06. Delicious Excitement. 6 : 09  
07. Grey Streams of Dawn. 4 : 42  mix - Heikki Savolainen 
08. Delighted Anticipation. 4 : 47  mix - Tim Douglas Dolbear   
09. Sense of Strangeness. 3 : 59   guitar - Rens Newland  
10. Sweet Relaxation. 5 : 38   composer,guitar - Rens Newland  mix - Daniel Robert Ford/DrFord 
11. Hypnotic Dance. 2 : 37  guitar  - Rens Newland  
12. Mother Waiting (The Ruch Remix) 6 : 24  remix - Jason Ruch 
13. Grey Streams of Dawn (The Savolainen Remix) 4 : 42    remix - Heikki Savolainen 
14. Sense of Strangeness (The Moreno Remix) 2 : 29  guitar  - Rens Newland   remix - Magic Moreno
15. The Purest Affection (The Dolbear Remix) 5 : 13   y   remix - Tim Douglas Dolbear 
16. Mother Waiting (The Dolbear Remix) 6 : 24  remix - Tim Douglas Dolbear
composer - Myroslav Levytsky except Tr.10,  piano - Myroslav Levytsky , mixes - Rens Newland except where mentioned, recordings - Rens Newland

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Manhattan Suite

He is a dreamer, that makes his dreams come true: A relaxed and tasteful mix of contemporary Jazz and New Age with great features of Mike Stern and Gerald Veasley(b) a.o.!

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