Roland Stonek
Monday, 29 December 2003 23:00


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Wiener Standards

A new swingy sight on the best of the original Vienna Songs by the Albert Mair Trio (JAQ) and friends.
(feat. Richard Österreicher, Paul Fields, Martin Fuss...)

Almost simultaneosly at a time when Musicals and Classic songs were being written in America for the entertainment branch (from George Gerschwin to Cole Porter and many other songwriters who had come from Vienna and made their homes in the US) the classical “Wienerlied” (from Hermann Leopoldi to Robert Stolz) evolved. Both music forms of the highest quality, differing only in their interpretations.The Philharmonics and Jazz musicians in America presented their songs in perfect completion as far as arrangements, harmonics and instrumentation were concerned and therefore the compositions, popular, inextinguishable and ever-present and became “Standards”.
In Vienna, on the other hand, the first-class compositions were mostly performed at Heurigen (Wine bars direct at the wineyards) and in Cafes by more or less qualified “Music Makers”. The songs became renowned but their true quality remained hidden.
What could have been more fitting than to take these rich, equally popular Viennese compositions and interpret them as Standards, “Wiener Standards”.

1. Drunt in Der Lobau 3:39 2. Die Alte Zahnradbahn 4:12 3. I Häng An Meiner Weanerstadt 3:23 4. S‘ Fiakerlied 2:57 5. Der Alte Herr Kanzleirat 4:26 6. Zwa Aus Ottakring 5:16 7. Mei Muatterl War a Wienerin 2:55 8. Grüss Mir Mein Wien 5:58 9. Sechts Leut‘ln So War‘s Anno 30 in Wien 4:51 10. Heut‘ Kommen D‘ Engerln Auf Urlaub Nach Wean 2:53 11. S‘ Nussdorfer Sternderl 4:10 12. Wien, Wien Nur Du Allein 3:48 13. EsSteht EinAlter NussbaumDrausst inHeiligenstadt 3:42 14. IchKenn‘ EinKleinesWegerl ImHelenental 4:58 15. I Hab‘ Die Schönen Maderln Net Erfunden 4:37

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