SCOPE was a legendary Fusionband and the beginning of the musical career of Rens Newland, the guitarist which moved to Austria in 1977 to join the ORF Big band, later OSTINATO and the Gloria Gaynor Ban, to name a few. 1972, the jazz-rock group SCOPE was founded in Zwolle, The Netherlands, by Henk Zomer (drums) and Rik Elings (keyboards, flute) who knew each other from high school where they played together in a band called Strange Power. Under this name they recorded two singles in 1971, “That’s the way/Turn me loose” and “Tenderfoot/Spring”. With the addition of Rens Nieuwland (guitar, aka Rens Newland) and Erik Raayman (bass guitar) they became SCOPE in 1972. In the coming years they played a lot throughout The Netherlands and Germany. In 1973 they recorded their debut ›SCOPE‹ in Germany (for WEA). In 1974 Rob Franken (keyboards) joined the band, Raayman left the band and Elings switched to bass guitar. With this line up they recorded their second album ›SCOPE II‹, also in Germany. In 1976 drummer Zomer left the band and was replaced by Robert Vink for a short time. The next drummer was Roland Zeldenrust. In the same year they got a new bass player, Pablo Nahar. All these changes led to the end of the band in 1976. Their music is part of the fusion movement of the 70s, with a real own touch, for sure partly inspired by Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, but also by contemporary Dutch Symphonic Progressive bands, like Solution and Focus.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

SCOPE III (only digital)
listed in : Scope, 2020 – 2016

Trance LIVE

Musiphysical Experience Super Serenade Perpetuum We Gotta Do (voc) Fire Words Pure, Magic & Clean Spring Thing Part1 instr Spring Thing Part2 voc Strunk Honky Pank Electric Eel

This is the 3rd album of the legendary Fusionband Scope! This one was recorded in 1977 but not released till digitally round 2010. After Henk Zomer (for higher goals) and Rik Elings (to concentrate on his study at the music conservatory) left the band Rens Newland took over.the leadership and the capture of the »Scope III history« began: It was a fresh start with Robert Vink on drums, first with Peter Schön on keyboards and Paul Bachmeier on bass. Soon Arthur Clarck took over the bass position and he also moved to Zwolle! 1976 Rob Franken joined in again! Now we had a tight band with steady rehearsals again! Rens Newland was very inspired and wrote a lot of crazy tunes, quite wild, and Scope started to play concerts again.

Friday, 12 June 2020


Scope 2

Tamotua Shuffle Funk Dog Shuttle Service The Zebra (Part I) High Checker Frisky Frog Funk Ant-Artica The Zebra (Part II) Big Ferro


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The second album (1975) of the Dutch groundbraking legendary fusion band Scope, now available as CD and digitally! By the addition of Rob Franken - one of the greatest European pianists/Synthesizer players at that time -, plus that Rik Elings changed to the bass, the group really came into a new aera and level. Henk Zomer again is inspiring and crazy on drums! Rens Nieuwland (a.k.a. Newland) stans out funky and rock-jazzy on guitar!   "One of the top jazz rock fusion LPs out there...really high-skilled group with endless melodies and plenty of shred time". (Z.K.K.), "Great! Even better than their first. Some groovy zeuhl-ish funky here!"