Vienna Big Band Machine
vienna big band machine

vienna big band machine

The Vienna Big Band Machine was founded 1984 by Stephan Mericka. Soon Hans Salomon took over as leader. Quality was and is still the highest goal, so it will be the best musicians of Austria who are in action here (those who work(ed) in the big Vienna Theatres -Vereinigten Bühnen Wien- , Herbolzheimer Big Band, WDR - Big Band, Ostinato, Count Basic, Dancing Stars Band, Reinhard Fendrich Band, Vienna Art Orchester, Upper Austria Big Band or in the Austrian radio – ORF - Big Band). At the same time the best arrangements should lie on the music stands, so arrangers like Rens Newland and Thomas Huber take care of that, while Bandleader Hans Salomon does the biggest part anyhow. To call some of the most prominent names: Andi Haderer, Bob Dodge, Christian Radovan , Martin Fuss, Thomas Kugi, Aaron Wonesch, Walter Grassmann....

Thursday, 21 November 1991


Product ID: JM-2001-2
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Say It Straight  Rain On E6 

modern Big Band sound (Andreas Haderer, Christian Radovan, Walter Grassmann, Bob Dodge, Martin Fuss, Johannes Kottek, Rens Newland..) a.m.m.
01 Just Another Opener 02 What I Prefer 03 King Of Love 04 Hittin’ The Target 05 Say It Straight  06 Rain On E6 07 Some Years Ago 08  Song For My Son 09 One For Cann 10 Rumba Del Pueblo 11 Kar-Funk-EL 12 Come With Me! 13 Gettin’ The Rhythm! 14 Latin Touch 15 Waiting For Love

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