Raklo Weinrich
Raklo Weinrich

Raklo Weinrich

Raklo Weinrich has his highly musical roots in a Sinti family. As a child he began to play violin and guitar and on the age of 9 he already was the rhythm guitar player in the band of his brother Zipflo. In that band also Karl Ratzer was a member and soon Raklo took over the position as solo guitarist! He was always looking for new ways: inspired by guitar players like Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery he opened up more in the direction of American Jazz and he left the tradition of Django Reinhardt. Concerts and tours followed, with musicians like Philippe Catherine, Stochelo Rosenberg, Harry Stojka, Jermaine Landsberger and many others of the European as well of the American music scene.
Right now Raklo Weinrich started a new capital in his musical carrier, founding a quintet and recording under his own name.
With great fellow musicians he combines hi-energy Jazz with funky and Latin grooves. His strong and at the same time warm tone on the guitar will soon be well known as his trademark! Especially his original compositions and the hi-class soloistic work of his musicians defines the specific sound of the band.

Wednesday, 06 June 2018

A Sintoation

A Sintoation
Product ID: JM-2092-2
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A very big sound and a great hard bop melodic material, that are the treasures that Raklo Weinrich presents to us on these recordings. Fine round exclusively original compositions of the bandleader create a very pleasant atmosphere: soft sounding, but enough interesting lines we hear from all the musicians: Martin Wöss on Rhodes, Synth and Grand Piano, Werner Feldgrill on Electric Bass, Wolfi Rainer on Drums, Rainer Gradischnig on Percussion, Herwig Gradischnig on Tenor Sax (on selected titles). Groovy beats from Swing to Funk. A fine Bossa features the lady-singer Jacqueline Patricio.
01 MILES 4:46 02 LOVE AFFAIR 5:26 03 MOGLI 5:25 04 LIVE GOES ON 5:42 05 R.W.GROOVE 4:59 06 UNIVERSE 2:15 07 FOR MY PARENTS 4:20 08 MY SPIRIT 5:02 09 NISA 3:18 10 SINTOATION 7:08

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