Tuesday, 01 October 2019

City in Trance LIVE

Trance LIVE Trance LIVE
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Tek House 1 Start Up Pilgrim Keep Me House The Secret City in Trance Home Run


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An exquisite and untouched Andi Steirer concert at Sandra's Saloon in the 2nd district of Vienna. Some tunes of the studio album (with the same name "City in Trance") in new, extended versions, as well as new tunes are presented. A double CD with exciting material.
The band: ANDI STEIRER bongos, percussion & Ableton controller JOJO LACKNER electric bass guitar HANNES OBERWALDER electric keys THOMAS KUGI tenor & soprano sax, additional percussion THOMAS HECHENBERGER electric guitar
DISC (1) 01 The Secret, 02 Home Run, 03 Sandra's Saloon Blues, 04 Start Up Pilgrim (flea market - oriental lane -
prater - at the cathedral - flea market), 05 Tek House 1
DISC (2) 01 Out Of Nowhere, 02 City In Trance, 03 Tek House 2, 04 Réduit, 05 Keep Me House

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