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Kayakokolishi Walpurgis Night 
Can You Follow Me Watch Your Step Chewing Gum Telegram Description Yesternight's Dream 
The Queen Can Do No Wrong 


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This is the legendary first album (1974) of the Dutch groundbraking fusion band Scope, now available as CD and digitally! After release it had a great reception and soon it came in the Billboard Jazz List! "Absolutely a masterpiece of fusion-- it just don't get more masterly than this! What we have here is great ideas in a very listenable but inventive and interesting package without silly frills like overlong solos. Of particular interest is the gorgeous Fender Rhodes, minimoog, and organ playing of Rik Elings, who composed most of the music." Genius drummer Henk Zomer is the driving and creative motor of the vehicle!. "However also the guitarist, Rens Nieuwland, who brought in some compostitions as well, is not exactly a shabby player in this outfit-- not at all!"(T.S.). The highly gifted Eirik Raayman delivers the steady and melodic bass!

1. Watch Your Step 6:29 (Rik Elings) | 2. Can You Follow Me 6:47 (Rens Nieuwland) | 3. Kayakokolishi 7:26 (Rik Elings)  | 4. Yesternight’s Dream 1:40 (Rens Nieuwland)  | 5. Description 6:36 (Rik Elings) |  | . Walpurgis Night 9:55 (Rik Elings) | 7. Chewing Gum Telegram 4:49 (Rik Elings) | 8. The Queen Can Do No Wrong | 3:23 (Rik Elings) | BONUS TRACKS 9. Strange Power*/Tenderfoot 3:10 (Rik Elings) | 10. Strange Power*/Spring 2:58 (Rik Elings).


The physical CD is released by and available at Sireena Records (Germany), the digital release is by Rens Newland & Rik Elings per Jive Music and CDBaby.

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