Tuesday, 07 January 2020

Slowwalker (CD or VINYL)

Slowwalker Musical Prostitution 
Que Vida, Me Querida Galactic Jazzdance On a Cold Summerday Straight On Chili Con Carne




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This is the second album of the Funk/Fusion/Latin Jazz band. At this time the status of the group was quite settled, after the time of big festivals like Velden and Wiesen in Austria. The band is touring at least two times a year, mostly in the german speaking part of Europe: Austria, Switserland, Germany.

The main actors are still Tommy Böröcz and Rens Newland as the composers and arrangers, the rest of the band is chancing, especially  because of the overlap situation with the Vienna Art Orchestra, which is very succesful at that time and doing big long tours. But Vienna is a good source for Jazz musicians. so new talents get their chance here, like the genious trumpet player Andy Haderer, who is later changing to the famous WDR Big Band on lead trumpet!  The musical ideas and interpretations are fresh, partly a little more rocky or heavy grooving. CD Line-up: TOMMY BÖRÖCZ drums, congas, timbales, claves, maracas, cowbells, guiro, tambourin, keyboards on „Slowwalker“, grand piano on „Que Vida Me Querida“ RENS NEWLAND all guitars, guitar synthesizer, agogobells, Chinese bells, tambourine, Linn programming HARRY GANSBERGER keyboards, synthesizer programming ALBERT KREUZER bass ANDREAS HADERER trumpet, flugelhorn KLAUS DICKBAUER alto saxophone MARTIN FUSS soprano & tenor saxophone

  1. Slowwalker 3:32
  2. Musical Prostitution 3:59
  3. Que Vida Me Querida 4:42
  4. Galactic Jazzdance 4:17
  5. On a Cold Summerday 5:40
  6. Heavy Hands 3:04
  7. Straight On 5:05
  8. Chili Con Carne 3:05
  9. Inspiration 5:33
  10. Blue Extent 5:30
  11. Gulla Gulla 4:12

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