Sunday, 12 September 2021

Blues Indeed (w. Fuse Bluezz feat. Ric Toldon)

The Balcony Blues Fonky World  Sneeky C Vienna Got The Blues You‘re So Mean Blues Indeed Need A Wah Guitar Bad Day‘s Blues I‘m Sliding Red White Blues





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As Rens Newland's roots were in the 1960s Blues, the Electric Blues of John Mayall, Eric Clapton and in Holland Cuby & the Blizzards or Living Blues. and he always tried to keep this deep music feeling in all the projects and styles he did in the meantime, it was no big jump to get back into that and make a Blues album. He and his friend Peter Gruber (bass player) were talking now and then in the last years, that they should do such a project together!

Now finally in the Corona times, they did it. Finding the right singer is not easy, but they found him: Ric Toldon is a cool american guy (is also percussionist) living in Vienna, who even met Jimi Hendrix and was around at Woodstock and when the Stones played in the USA. As drummer the young Simon Springer was their first choice, as well as Rens' main keyboard man Martin Wöss for the piano and synth additions. The basic sound is of course build on Mr. Newland's guitars, here he used some of his dearest instruments, like Gibson ES 335 and L5, Fender Strato and Tele, Godin Red Line, Parker Fly and Takamine Acoustic Steel. The Tracks show the broad possibilities of the Blues in form and sound: Delta Blues, Funkblues, Jazzblues, Rockblues, Acoustic Blues and more. Some instrumental tracks are of course also part of the concept! All the music is by the bandleader and most of the lyrcs, some are by Ric Toldon, like "Sneeky C" with humour and desperation at the same time.

  1. The Balcony Blues – 3:59
  2. Fonky World – 3:10
  3. Sneeky C – 3:57
  4. Vienna Got The Blues – 5:21
  5. You‘re So Mean – 5:29
  6. Blues Indeed – 4:22
  7. Need A Wah Guitar – 4:19
  8. Bad Day‘s Blues – 5:24
  9. I‘m Sliding 4:36
  10. Red White Blues 4:53

Cover design by Rens Newland for GRFX

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