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Bounderies Expanded Lee's Dream Art, Fahr Ma I'm Old Fashioned Well Done Summertime Moon River


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On this album bandleader Joris Dudli presents himself as a Jazz singer for the first time. He has a very special approach and sound! About half of the tracks have vocals. Also one song (the great Summertime) with lady singer Carole Alston is presented. The backing band (with various line-ups) is always great, with lots of very creative moments.


Now talk about the instrumental songs: since this record is the perfect example of mix with a few vocal songs in a set of a challenging jazz concert (or album), because this was never intended to be a “singer's record.”
During the past several years, Joris had the pleasure of working with his former student Gregor Storf, who - after finishing his masters on drums - suddenly picked up the tenor saxophone (which he had played in his teens) and came out sounding great! Besides contributing his colorful song, “Lee’s Dream” (dedicated to Lee Morgan), he also wrote some really hip horn arrangements for “Art Far Ma” (dedicated of course to Joris' mentor Art Farmer) and “Prince Vince” (dedicated to one of today's greatest alto players, Dudli's longtime partner in crime, Vincent Herring). Gregor’s fine drumming can be heard on two tracks.
“Boundaries Expanded” was specially written for a concert during a Beethoven celebration; we thought it was fun to play and put it on the record.
With “Well Done!” Joris wants to express his thanks to the fantastic Mike LeDonne, who reassured every step of the way to be a singer, as well as those world’s leading jazz musicians: Vincent Herring, Eric Alexander, Joe Farnsworth, Peter Washington and Wallace Roney Jr., all of whom supported him throughout the first recording session at Trading 8s Recording Studio.
Vince, Greg and Wallace also did the second date at Bunker Studio, where joined three more top of the world players: Dave Kikoski, Peter Bernstein and Joris' longtime friend Essiet Essiet on bass. Thanks to all of them for their excellent playing and positive input! The title track “Boundaries Expanded” was specially written for a concert during a Beethoven celebration!

  1. BOUNDARIES EXPANDED – 3:50 Joris Dudli
  2. LEE’S DREAM … 6:36 Gregor Storf 
  3. ART, FAHR MA? – 5:10 Joris Dudli
  4. I’M OLD FASHIONED – 4:41 Jerome Kern
  5. PRINCE VINCE – 6:16 Joris Dudli
  6. SUMMERTIME – 4:20 George Gershwin
  7. WELL DONE – 5:01 Joris Dudli
  8. HAVE YOU MET MISS JONES? – 4:13 Richard Rodgers
  9. MOON RIVER – 4:46 Henry Mancini
  10. I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT WAS – 5:10 Richard Rodgers
  11. DARN THAT DREAM – 5:48 Jimmy Van Heusen

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