Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Love Shock

Awful Love (Album Version) Hey, Boy!
It's just the rain I Go Wherever You Go Point of view Love shock Awful Love (Radio Edit) Comfort Me


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The motto of this album is "....only with humor!....". The artist finds that all we need is a "Love Shock" to wake up, see the true values ​​of the world, and feel more alive and happier! All songs on this album are again from her own pen (lyrics & music) and on most of them she is again accompanied by the excellent Hungarian MISKOLC DIXIELAND BAND. As composer she has once again succeeded in writing songs that immediately catch your eye (and stay), as if they were existing standards! Theme: love and life.

Two bonus tracks show other interesting aspects of the artist: on the one hand a Latin pop version of one of the songs,
“Awful Love” (à la J.Lo), which also appears as a single, on the other hand a beautiful, intimate pop ballad “Comfort Me“ (à la Shakira)!

  1. Point of view
  2. Hey Boy
  3. It's just the rain
  4. Awful Love
  5. Love Shock
  6. I Go Wherever You Go

  7. Awfull Love (Latin Pop Version)
  8. Comfort Me

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