Thursday, 04 February 2021

Love Won't Wait

Jerry Lee Gugigugigugugugu Take Me One Man Show (radio edit) Jazz-Zenész Love Won´t Wait (feat. Susan Blake on Trombone) Minden Jó Shut Up! I´m Not In Love With You Have You Seen Mr Green? I Say Thank You




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All the songs on this album are written by Susan Blake (words & music)! She did lots of touring with Dixieland bands - especially some from Hungary - ever since she left schools.

One of these bands is the MISKOLC DIXIELAND BAND, which is the fine backing group on this record. As a composer Susan Blake is quite succesful: in the last years, while doing some more country stuff as a singer, in two following years she won prizes for the best song - composer and lyricist - at the Austrian Country Awards! Here on these recordings she came back to her Dixie roots, but in a delicate mix with Mainstream Jazz, Pop and Country influences. The songs sound positve and light, as if you already know them, the lyrics are with a lot of humour, about love and life. There is also a lot of room for the bands soloists and on the title track Miss Blake takes a solo on the trombone, one of her additionnal instruments.

  1. Jerry Lee
  2. All These Little Things
  3. Take Me
  4. Minden Jó
  5. Love Won´t Wait (feat. Susan Blake on Trombone)
  6. Shut Up! I'm Not In Love With You
  7. Gugigugigugugugu
  8. Have You Seen Mr. Green?
  9. One Man Show
  10. Jazz-Zenész
  11. Why Should You Not Love Me?
  12. Let Make It Happe
  13. Say Thank You
  14. One Man Show (radio edit)

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