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WAR - what is it good for? Lovin you Vienna Got The Blues Frisky Frog Funk Sibirian Husky Voodoo Guy Having Real Fun Like the Lakes Two Roots Baddest Beat in Town Fingerflow 1 - Nylon in A 




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This here is Rens Newland's big journey through time, from 1974 to 2022. Singles recorded by him, most of them his originals. From collaborations with Scope (Netherlands/Germany), to OSTINATO or Fuse Bluezz project (Vienna, Austria). Also solo guitar pieces and a lot of studio productions through the years on which he played or programmed all instruments. With SCOPE you hear Rik Elings on bass, Rob Franken on rhodes & synthesizer, Henk Zomer on drums. On "NEWLAND" you hear Tommy Böröcz on drums, Alee Thelfa om Percussion, Harry Gansberger on keys, Heinz Jäger on Bass. On OSTINATO you hear additional Gina Charles (later Charito) & Martin Fuss. On FUSE BLUEZZ you hear Simon Springer, Peter Gruber & Martin Wöss.

  1. Frisky Frog Funk Single 1974
  2. Sibirian Husky Maxi Single - 1984
  3. Fingerflow 1 Nylon in A - 2021
  4. Voodoo Guy 1984 (Instrumental Edit 2022)
  5. Having Real Fun 1988 (Edit 2022) feat. Gina Charito|
  6. Fingerflow 3 Ferro in G7 - 2021
  7. Lovin you .2018 (Instrumental Version by Rens Newland) originally sung by Minnie Riperton composed by her & R. Rudolph
  8. Sway Shuffle 2020
  9. My Daily Dove Dance 2020
  10. Vienna Got The Blues 2021
  11. Like the Lakes 2020
  12. Baddest Beat in Town 2022
  13. New Wide View 2022
  14. Two Roots 2022
  15. WAR -what is it good for? (2022 Edit by Rens Newland, originaly written by Norman Whitfield & Barrett Strong, performed a.o. by the Temptations)

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