Friday, 07 April 2023

The Miles Mode OUR CHOICE!

The Other World Slowwalker Auf der Kippe Splatch Blue Extent Point Out Ois Blues oder wos Stretch Your Mind Bouncin' on the Beat


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Recorded live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria, Jan. 2023,.
As one of the pioneers in the European Jazz Rock/Fusion Jazz movement in the 70s, of course OSTINATO was also inspired by Miles Davis. Each of the individual band members in their own way: Tommy Böröcz was clearly impressed by Billy Cobham's rock drumming style, Andi Steirer was enthused by the role percussion started to play in groove music, Rens Newland really loved the approach of John McLaughlin. The musicians who joined later, such as Robert Riegler and Robert Schönherr, certainly included Miles in their playing, directly or indirectly through Joe Zawinul. Likewise, the ostinato horn section uses the same insights that Miles gained for the start of a more global, cosmopolitan style of playing. At this concert the group presented a selection of their own inspirational works from their albums, as well as some adaptions of Miles Davis tunes.

  • Tommy Böröcz - Drums
  • Rens Newland - Guitars
  • Robert Riegler - Bass
  • Robert Schönherr - Keyboards
  • Florian Fuss - Alto Sax
  • Christian Maurer - Tenor/Soprano Sax
  • Simon Plötzeneder - Trumpet
  1. The Other World 12:08
  2. Blue Extent 8:32
  3. Point Out - Excerpt: Bass Solo 2:09
  4. Splatch 7:33
  5. Ois Blues, oder wos? 9:53
  6. Stretch your Mind  9:21
  7. Auf der Kippe 7:31
  8. Slowwalker 7:29
  9. Bouncin' on the Beat 6:38

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