A Little Bit Of Hope
Wednesday, 03 January 2007

A Little Bit Of Hope

A Little Bit Of Hope
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Little Bit Of Hope The Art Of Falling In Love

NuSwing with the vocal talent Kai Peterson, the Mixtet features 2 Ladies und 2 Gentlemen:Gina Schwarz b, Philippine Duchateau p, Georg Beck d , Rens Newland g, comp

01. Laying Low 02. Please Forgive Me 03. The Art of Falling in Love 04. Educated Fool 05. Faith, Shame, Hate & Lust 06. Dance in the Shadow 07. She Did No Good to Me (featuring PETER PETREL, vocals) 08. Yellows and Greys 09. Catch Me 10. Things Ain’t Ever 11. Protect Me 12 Serious Bar Talk 13 A Little Bit of Hope
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