Scope 2
Friday, 12 June 2020


Trance LIVE
Product ID: JM-4414-2
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Tamotua Shuffle Funk Dog
Shuttle Service The Zebra (Part I) 
High Checker Frisky Frog Funk
Ant-Artica The Zebra (Part II)
Big Ferro

The second album (1975) of the Dutch groundbraking legendary fusion band Scope, now available as CD and digitally! By the addition of Rob Franken - one of the greatest European pianists/Synthesizer players at that time - , plus that Rik Elings changed to the bass, the group really came into a new aera and level. Henk Zomer again is inspiring and crazy on drums! Rens Nieuwland (a.k.a. Newland) stans out funky and rock-jazzy on guitar!   "One of the top jazz rock fusion LPs out there...really high skilled group with endless melodies and plenty of shred time". (Z.K.K.), "Great! Even better than their first. Some groovy zeuhl-ish funky here!"
1. Tamotua 4:14 (Rik Elings) 2. Frisky Frog Funk 5:44 (Rens Nieuwland) 3. Shuttle Service 7:56 (Rik Elings) 4. Ant-Arctica 6:33 (Rik Elings) 5. Big Ferro 4:38
(Rik Elings) 6. High Checker 2:58 (Rik Elings) 7. Shufle Funk Dog 5:20 (Rens Nieuwland) 8. The Zebra # I 1:59 (Rens Nieuwland) 9. The Zebra # II 4:05 (Rens Nieuwland)

The physical CD is released by and available at Sireena Records (Germany), the digital release is by Rens Newland & Rik Elings per Jive Music and CDBaby.

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