Still Funky After All These Years
Monday, 04 January 2010

Still Funky After All These Years

Still Funky After All These Years
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fonxide Freestyle Cha Cha tangle the angle Wondering 'bout the world

After successful & exciting years between 1975(!) and 1994 with countless great musicians participating and a big pause between 1995 and 2005, Tommy Böröcz & Rens Newland eventually succeeded (with some original members and some new blood) to make a real fresh & new start with this great funky horn & rhythm band! Featuring
Christian Maurer . tenor- and soprano saxophone, Andi See . alto saxophone, Horst Michael Schaffer . trumpet and flügelhorn, Martin Wöss . keyboards, Robert Riegler . bass, Andi Steirer . percussion, Rens Newland . guitars, composition and arrangement, Tommy Böröcz . drums, composition and arrangement 

01. Fonxide 02. Ostination Fastinato 03. Tangle The Angle 04. About Being Fonky 05. Heavy Conditions 06.Starting To Wonder 07. Wondering ‘Bout The World 08. Freestyle Cha Cha 09. Face It 10. Look Like Kool 11. Double Bubble 12. Essence Of Sweetness (excerpt) 13. Getting Closer 14. Still Funky After All These Years 15. Bumi 16. Cyberwalk 17. Lazy Lips 

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