The Elvin Jones Projekt ELVIN
Wednesday, 04 January 2012

The Elvin Jones Project "ELVIN"

The Elvin Jones Project "ELVIN"
Product ID: JM-2069-2
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Elvin EJs Blues Lonnies Lament

A wonderful and unique tribute to the great Elvin Jones by somebody who was connected with him for a long time. Also other companions were gathered for this New York recordings: George Cables(p), Lonnie Plaxico(b), Winard Harper(d) and of course Joe Lovano(sx). Also our label chief Martin Fuss(sx, fl) is featured on one track!

01. Elvin 02. Inner Urge 03. E.J.‘s Blues 04. The Pied Piper 05. After The Rain 07. Think On Me  08. Lonnie‘s Lament 09. Mahjong


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